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Magic Games Collection

is a pack of six puzzles, including Magic Lines, Magic Balls, Magic Beads, Logic Trainer, Magic Tetcolor and Combat Engineer.

Magic Balls

Even children can play this jolly game. This addictive puzzle is free of violence or stress. Just have a try and you won't put it down!

Magic Lines

is one of those cute little games that will never let you be bored. It is a brilliant variation of the popular Lines game with 3D effects.

Magic Tetcolor

Playing this tetris-style game you have to build rows of minimum 3 blocks of the same color (horizontal, diagonal, vertical) which are then removed.

Combat Engineer

The objective of the game is to switch off the bombs in the corners of the game field. You need not to uncover the whole field...

Magic Beads

How to gain points in this game? Like a piece of cake - simply swap colors of blocks to build a one color line with at least 3 beads in it.

x15 Puzzle

Besides the classical 4x4 puzzle, the game contains over 15 popular modifications, each with original shape or skin.


Space fleets of two civilizations encountered in this game board. The rules are similar to traditional Battleship strategy, but here enemies can manoeuvre during the battle.

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is an easy to use and powerful development tool you can use to build full Windows compatible setups for your developments.

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Reverse engineer

Space Ob-Server


Circles, Lines

Free download Agentix Games Software. Magic Games Collection: Magic Balls/Lines/Tetcolor. Combat Engineer, Magic Beads, x15 Puzzle, Space-Menace