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Altarsoft PDF Reader

Program for viewing PDF files.

Altarsoft Photo Resizer

Batch photo resizer and converter.

Altarsoft Video Capture

Program for video recording and reencoding. It captures video from cameras, files, urls, screen, set of images. It allows to adjust video color, rotation, zoom, crop. You can easily add text or image to video.

Altarsoft Web Tools

Set of tools for webmasters.

Ascii Art Maker

Program for creation ASCII graphics from images and text.

Image Watermarks

Program for batch image watermarks creation. And also for converting, resizing and editing images.

Photo Frames Master

Program for adding frames and borders to photos and images. Besides, it allows to correct photos and add effects.

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Batch Image Resizer

Audio, Video, Photo

Mobile Master

Image importer

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Altarsoft free download PDF Reader, Photo Resizer, Video Capture. Video recording Web Tools, Ascii Art Maker, Image Watermarks, Photo Frames