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"telerik specializes in the development of presentation layer and content management components for the Microsoft .NET platform. Our r.a.d. controls suite provides developers with the essential ASP.NET components needed to streamline their development and reduce project costs.

Our products are used in demanding environments and have proven to be among the most stable and feature-rich on the component market.

We are proud to have Microsoft, HP, Alcoa, BP, Harper Collins, Siemens, T-Mobile, HJ Heinz, some of the leading educational organizations and many government organizations as customers.

telerik is an active member of the Component Vendor Consortium, the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner Program and the Microsoft Certified Partner Program."

telerik r.a.d. controls

is a collection of indispensable ASP.NET components for rapid web-development and content management. They combine advanced features with extensive capabilities for customization, which can significantly accelerate the roll-out of any project - from small static sites to enterprise-wide systems.

telerik r.a.d. designer

is the first browser-based componentware CMS tool for the .NET framework. It provides an open, extendable environment for visual construction and management of web-sites, intranets, and web-applications. Using simple point-and-clicks developers and end-users can create layout templates, build individual pages, and interconnect them in a natural WYSIWYG manner.

telerik r.a.d. editor

is the leading WYSIWYG rich-text editor for ASP.NET. The product can replace any TextBox with an intuitive Word-like editor, which enables even non-technical users to author and manage HTML content as easily as writing a document. r.a.d.editor is shipped with VS.NET projects and a DotNetNuke provider.

telerik r.a.d. menu

is the "all-in-one" menu component for ASP.NET. It streamlines the creation of any thinkable DHTML drop-down menu - horizontal, vertical, pop-up, scrollable, with classic outlook or with customized fonts, images, fading effects, event-handlers, and so on. is "Section 508" compliant.

telerik r.a.d. panelbar

is a versatile component for building collapsible side-menu systems. It is developed to facilitate what is found in almost any web-site - the typical left/right-side navigation, but cannot be achieved using the conventional drop-down menu components.

telerik r.a.d. rotator

is a multipurpose component for DHTML content rotation and personalization. From stock tickers and news scrollers, to product spotlights, weather forecasts, testimonials, running promotions and banner ads, r.a.d.rotator delivers high interactivity and user involvement.

telerik r.a.d. spell

enables developers to add multilingual spellchecking capabilities to their ASP.NET applications. The component is completely customizable and can be attached to any server/client editable element (textbox, div, iframe). It currently supports 18 languages with custom dictionaries for every language.

telerik r.a.d. treeview

is the supercharged treeview component for ASP.NET. It facilitates the display, management, and navigation of hierarchical data structures. The product offers many advanced features like drag-and-drop between treeviews, load on demand (MSDN-style), context menus, auto SQL binding, etc.

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The development of presentation layer and content management components. TELERIK r.a.d. CMS for Microsoft .NET Platform, on the component market

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