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When it comes to digital music, sometimes you want the compactness of MP3s, and sometimes you want the quality of a CD. MP3 WAV Converter makes it easy to have both.

The program converts .wav music files to .mp3 format to reduce the size of the files by roughly a factor of 10, and it changes MP3s to .wav files for playback on standard CD players. It also doubles as an audio player, minus the fancy skins and light shows most players have these days. The program completes conversions in seconds, and you can convert and play batches of files at a time. Any .wav files converted to MP3s are automatically normalized to a consistent volume level. MP3 to WAV Converter software works on any Windows platform.

MP3 to WAV Converter is a ideal all-in-one tool for converting batches of MP3 to WAV format files for CD burning,want to get more music on a disk? It's also great for converting your favorite collection of WAV files into the space-saving condensed MP3 format,and it's just an excellent MP3&WAV player on its own.

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MP3 WAV Converter makes it easy. The program converts wav music files. American Shareware Music Software: All-For-Mp3, Audio Mid Recorder Converter

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