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MOBILedit! Professional Edition
MOBIL edit Basic Edition
MOBIL-edit Family Edition
-"- Forensic
Update pack for MOBIL-edit! Forensic
-"- Enterprise
-"- Unlimited Edition
-"- Phone Copier
-"- Scripts

Password Officer 5.0 Standard
Password Officer 5.0 DeLuxe

Phone Easy Connect

SIM-edit! Plus

SMS Encryptor

SyncML Server 10 User Accounts
Sync-ML Server 50 User Accounts
Sync ML Server 100 User Accounts
Sync-ML Server 30 Day Trial Version
SyncML Server Unlimited Edition

About COMPELSON - The Company

"COMPELSON Labs has years of experience in software development. We have a vast knowledge in developing mass market mobile applications as well as special tailor-made software solutions for large companies.

COMPELSON has developed innovative solutions such as the MOBIL-edit! platform, which is compliant with an extremely wide range of mobile phones. Creating new online and webbased services such as the mBoox technology, the Mobile Shopping List, plus powerful development libraries for third parties has put the COMPELSON name on the map. COMPELSON's innovative products are not only bringing valuable improvements, but creating new waves throughout the mobile world.

With COMPELSON you can offer new services that were always needed, but never before possible. Through our revolutionary products and services, you can attract new customers and stay ahead in the competitive mobile world.

About MOBILedit!

We have created a platform called MOBIL-edit The unique architecture of this system makes it possible to connect almost any phone and offer almost any possible functionality. One of MOBILedit's greatest strengths is the hundreds of phone models supported and we are constantly adding new phones from all manufacturers. MOBI-Ledit is the base for many different handset related solutions such as: complete phone to phone content copy; phone settings and backups; complex phone synchronizations; download kiosk for gaming and content; professional phone management; Word document to phone converter; phone to internet configurator; and phone analyzer.

Compelson - Our customers

COMPELSON's software is being used in more than 70 countries worldwide. Our mobile solutions are so universal and popular that we are strongly present in all possible market areas. Our customers include mobile network operators, phone distributors, phone and accessory manufacturers, authorities and police departments worldwide, military, development companies, etc. Just to name a few - Boeing, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telefonica, Axalto, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Scotland Yard, Deutsche bank, the US Department of Defense, and many others."

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