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Comm-Ctrls 4.71 Delphi

Delphi 3.0 components for the Microsoft's new Common Controls: Calendar Progress Bar (new properties) IP Address Edit Flat Scroll Bars Pager Drag List Box Combo-Box-Ex.


Here is a set of small magic components: drop one of them on ANY form, and at run time the form with all its controls will become a Windows common dialog box.

No more hassle with custom open/save, import/export, color, font, page setup, printer setup, print, change icon, insert object common dialogs.

Office-Spy for MS Office

The ultimate MS Office developer tool; integrated directly into Excel, FrontPage, PowerPoint and Word (Outlook is supported by a separate product - Outlook-Spy), it provides fast and convenient access to virtually all Object Model interfaces, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor events.

Forget about thick manuals: simply select an object in any Office application and click one of the OfficeSpy toolbar buttons - whether it is an active cell on an Excel spreadsheet, paragraph in a Word document, presentation in PowerPoint or an HTML document you are editing in FrontPage, OfficeSpy will show you everything you want to know about that object and more!

Office Development has never been easier!

Outlook Redemption - distributable version

Works around limitations imposed by the Outlook Security Patch and Service Pack 2 of MS Office and Office (which include Security Patch) plus provides a number of objects and functions to work with properties and functionality not exposed through the Outlook object model.

As of version 4.0, Redemption library also includes the RDO (Redemption Data Objects) family of objects that can function as a CDO 1.21 replacement.

With Outlook Redemption you can:

Redemption supports Outlook (Outlook 97 is not supported by the Safe*Item objects).

Using Outlook Redemption

Please follow and carefully read the links below before using Outlook Redemption:

Redemption objects providing access to the properties, functions and objects blocked by the Outlook Security Patch. In addition to providing the exact replica of the corresponding Outlook objects, some of these objects have extra properties and methods, such as RTFBody on all items, AsString and AsArray on attachments, etc. These objects are designed to be used alongside your existing OOM or CDO 1.21 code with as few modifications as possible.
RDO (Redemption Data Objects) library is designed to be used as a complete CDO 1.21 replacement. This family of objects is designed to be used standalone, but it can of course still be used along with your existing OOM or CDO code.
Miscellaneous Redemption objects providing access to the Extended MAPI properties and functionality not available through the Outlook Object Model.

How Outlook Redemption works

Redemption is a regular COM library; once registered on the system, it is accessible to any programming language (VB, VBA, VC++, Delphi, etc.). Redemption uses Extended MAPI (which is not affected by the Security Patch since it is not accessible to the scripting languages) to duplicate the functionality blocked by the Security Patch. All Redemption objects have an Item property which must be set to an Outlook item. Once set, you can access any properties and methods, both blocked and not blocked. For the blocked properties and functions, Redemption objects completely bypass the Outlook object model and behave exactly like Outlook objects with no Security Patch applied. For the properties and methods not blocked by the Security Patch, all calls are transparently forwarded to the Outlook object that you assign to the Item property. With this approach changes to your code are minimal: you only change the way you declare the objects, but not the rest of your code that actually accesses both blocked and not blocked properties and methods.


- the Ultimate Outlook Developer Tool

The ultimate Outlook developer tool. Integrated directly into Outlook, it provides fast and convenient access to all Outlook Object Model objects, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor Outlook events. CDO is supported too!
If you are a die-hard Extended MAPI developer or just curious about what really goes on under the hood, OutlookSpy will provide you with an access to the Extended MAPI interfaces that Outlook uses internally. See how Outlook data is stored, browse MAPI hierarchy, watch Extended MAPI notifications, or just satisfy your curiosity.

Forget about Mdb-View, see what you've been missing!

OutlookSpy supports all versions of Outlook, running on any bit version of Windows, from Windows 95 to Windows Server.

Outlook-Spy Toolbar

OutlookSpy creates an additional toolbar in Outlook to provide quick access to the mostly used Outlook, CDO and Extended MAPI objects. If you are interested in other objects, they can easily be displayed by browsing their parent objects. Most objects displayed by OutlookSpy are delivered in context: just highlight an item you are interested in, then click on a toolbar button: you will get information for the currently selected item, folder, message store, etc.!

Script Editor

Script editor allows you to type and execute any VBScript or JavaScript code
Two global objects are always available to the script: ThisOutlookSession and CDOSession (if CDO is installed). Use Browse-Object(Obj) function to browse any IDispatch'able object.

Outlook Object Model interfaces

All Outlook and CDO object model interfaces (in fact all IDispatch'able interfaces) can be browsed in a similar manner. You can examine the values of the properties live, if the objects exposes events interface, its log will be displayed, etc.

If an object you are interested in is not available on the OutlookSpy toolbar, you can always browse to it by starting from its parent object: e.g. if you need to access the first recipient of a currently selected message, click "Item" button on the OutlookSpy toolbar, select "Recipients" property, click "Browse" button. In a new window for the Recipients object, go to the "Functions" tab, select "Item" function, click call, enter 1. A new window will be open for that recipient. This is equivalent to MailItem.Recipients.Item(1). If you don't mind typing a little script, you can instead go the "Script" tab of the MailItem object, type BrowseObject(MailItem.Recipients.Item(1)) and click "Run" button.

Extended MAPI interfaces

Outlook-Spy can browse and display relevant information for the following Extended MAPI interfaces: IMAPI-Session, IAddr-Book, IDist-List, IMail-User, IMsg-Store, IMAPI-Folder, I-Message, IAttach, IMAPI-Table, IMAPI-Status, IMAPI-Container, IMAPI-Prop, IProf-Admin, IMsg-Service-Admin, IProvider-Admin, IProf-Sect, IExchange-Manage-Store, I-Storage. In addition, OutlookSpy displays IMAPI-Advise-Sink notifications for the relevant Extended MAPI interfaces: IMAPI-Session, IMAPI-Folder, IMessage and all IMAPITable properties (hierarchy, contents, recipients, attachments, etc., tables).

CDO Objects

OutlookSpy allows to browse CDO objects in a fashion similar to Outlook Object Model interfaces. 4 CDO interfaces are available from the Outlook-Spy toolbar: Session, Info-Store, Folder and Message.

CDO must be installed, otherwise "CDO" button is not available. Note that Outlook does not install CDO by default. To install CDO with Outlook, either re-run Outlook setup, select "Custom setup" and check "Collaboration Data Objects" checkbox or download it from the Microsoft web site:

Due to CDO limitations (lets call it what it actually is - a bug), even if the selected item is an appointment or a contact, Outlook-Spy will still show it as a Message object due to the fact that CDO and Outlook share the same MAPI session.

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