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Provider of MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 software CODEC products and SDKs for consumer products development. The end-user product line features Elecard MPEG Player, Elecard Mobile Converter, Elecard XMuxer Pro among others.

Elecard Converter Studio AVC HD edition

Stream Inspector

XMuxer Lite
X-Muxer Pro

Elecard AVC PlugIn
AVC Streaming Plug-In for WMP
AVC plugin for Prog-DVB

Elecard AVC HD Editor
AVC HD Player
AVC HD Suite

Elecard CODEC SDK 4G
Codec .NET SDK G4

DVD Ripper PlugIn for DVD Player

Elecard MPEG Player
MPEG-2 Decoder & Streaming Plug-in for WMP

Stream Analyzer
Buffer Analizer

YUV Viewer

Triaxes 3D-Master-Kit Home
Triaxes 3DMaster-Kit Photo
-"- 3D-Master-Kit Photo Plus
-"- 3DMasterKit Pro
-"- 3D-Master-Kit Start

Elecard Converter Studio
Converter Studio Mobile Edition

Elecard StreamEye
Stream-Eye Studio

Elecard Video QuEst
Video Transform SDK

About Elecard - The Company

"Elecard is a leading provider of video and audio compression technology that is utilized in high quality video MPEG-2 and AVC/H.264 software CODEC products.

Elecard is challenging the status quo of the video compression industry by stretching the limits of existing standards and enabling MPEG-2 and H.264 compression at unparalleled quality and extremely low bit rates.

Elecard's mission is to provide leading-edge technology for digital image processing, digital video/audio applications in various areas, from home entertainment to high level security and aerospace monitoring.

Elecard is a privately held company with headquarters based in Tomsk, Russia. The company currently employs 89 people. Two members of the staff are post-graduate students, three members possess Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences and Mathematics; and others have masters degree. Some of our researchers are currently lecturing on computer graphics and video coding in Tomsk Universities. Recently the fourth edition of a book on graphics programming by one of our Ph.D. was published in the USA.

The Tomsk Development Team has a great experience in the digital video field. The company was established in 1989; and since 1993 we have been focusing mainly on MPEG video compression. Along with the MPEG-2/MPEG-4/H.264 CODECs and relevant technologies development (such as rate control, motion estimation, network transmission, etc.) we pay great attention to ongoing specialists training. In 2004 jointly with the Russian Academy of Sciences, Elecard established the Research Laboratory of Image Processing Automatization. The primary areas of research are digital television, multimedia, video surveillance, embedded systems and other related fields.

The Elecard Holding incorporates the following companies: AdvanSib, EcpSoft, Elecard-Med, Solveig Multimedia, and Elecard ltd. Visit the companies" web sites for more information.

As of March, 2005 Elecard has been merging with MainConcept AG. MainConcept is a leading provider of video CODEC and other multimedia technologies to leading companies around the world. The company was formally started in 1993 by CEO Markus Moenig, who began working on video applications in 1985. The MainConcept product line includes a number of end-user video editing &compositing products and a variety of CODECs for all of the most-requested platforms."

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Free download software applications from Elecard: Digital image processing. A leading provider of video/audio compression technology

Free download Elecard Software

Download Elecard Video and audio technology - Image Processing Applications

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CucuSoft PSP Video/Movie Converter

Security-related components

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