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MDM Zinc download - Rapid Application Development for Flash

The Ultimate SWF 2 EXE Application.

Zinc is the industry leading SWF2EXE application - Create, Build and Deploy real Desktop Applications based upon the Macromedia Flash Format! Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Pocket PC, Zinc is the fastest, most powerful, most feature-packed Rapid Application Development tool for Macromedia Flash!

What is ZINC?

Zinc empowers your Macromedia 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 SWF files with unrivaled functionality and flexibility. Create powerful Desktop Applications for Windows with over 800 new and extremely powerful commands for your Flash projects.
Zinc can completely customize every aspect of your Application from size, style, border and icon, and its powerful scripting support, {mdm}Script 2.0, allows unrivaled functionality. Zinc even allows you to completely skin your projectors and Application with over 100 pre-designed Skins!

Zinc - What's New?

Zinc is more than just an upgrade... it's an evolution of Rapid Application Development with Flash. Below are just a few of the new features and advances in the Ultimate SWF2EXE Application.

Zinc Features

Zinc has been hailed as the most powerful SWF-2-EXE application available. The list of features and functionality available with Zinc is virtually endless!

Capture - Desktop Screen Capture to SWF

Record, Capture, Create Directly to SWF

Capture is the premier tool with which to create Desktop Screen Captures, Tutorials, Presentations, Corporate Training and eLearning Material! Capture will record all on-screen activity and compile as a Macromedia Flash Movie (SWF), complete with mouse movements and clicks!

What is CAPTURE?

Capture is a simple but highly effective way to record all on screen desktop activity and output the result to a Macromedia Flash SWF Movie! Capture will silently record everything that occurs on your screen including mouse movement, clicks, web pages, dialog boxes - in fact, absolutely everything that is drawn to screen will be captured! Furthermore, Capture can even record system audio or narration during a capture session!

Using Capture is extremely simple. You can create a new project with ease and choose to screen-capture at full-screen, custom size, or even select a specific application! Customize recording options and begin creating your screen captures and training material within seconds. Capture is the ideal solution for creating product training movies, e-learning material, corporate presentations and online tutorials! Actions speak louder than words, and with Capture, your actions literally do come to life!

Recently Updated, Capture is now Faster, Leaner and more Powerful than ever before!

mdm Studio

An integrated suite of software, mdmStudio includes Flash Studio PRO V 2, FlashCast & FlashCandy V 2.

mdmStudio is the perfect companion for Multimedia Firms, Webmasters, Design Agencies, Marketing bureaus and any IT Professional. Create, build and deploy desktop applications, e-Learning material, presentation, screensavers, active desktops and more with mdm-Studio, the Ultimate Rich Application Development Suite.

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