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Download Namo Hand-Story Suite for Palm and Pocket - Media Suite, Displays Texts

The new easy-to-use, multi-function information software will bring you much upgraded conveniences for your handheld and PC.

Namo Hand-Story download

Browser for Palm or Pocket PC displays texts, eBooks, Images, Web Clips, and even Video Clips (for Pocket PC only) all from within a single application. Namo HandStory Converter for your PC is a versatile converter of texts, images, and Web content.

Namo Hand-Story Suite 3.1 is upgraded with a more powerful Converter and more convenient Browser. Clip editing and Video converting are supported with add-on softwares. Read below to find out more about the Hand-Story Suite.

What's New for Palm OS

What's New for Pocket-PC OS

Hot Features of HandStory Media Suite 3.1 for Pocket PC

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You can use the full featured HandStory 3.1 with no charge for 15 days.

Namo HandStory Suite 3.1 Browser

(Palm OS | Pocket PC)

Namo Hand-Story Browser has integrated a Memo Pad, Doc Reader, Image Viewer, eBook Reader, and Web Clip Browser into one application with enhanced features.

Namo Hand-Story Browser provides a more user-friendly UI with different list styles and context-sensitive Options windows.

Namo Hand-Story Suite 3.1 Converter

(Palm OS, Pocket PC)

Namo HandStory Converter for your PC is a versatile converter of texts, images and Web content.

A more powerful Clip Manager will help you to update clips automatically with a more informative look.

Off-site link, Proxy, and even multi-language clippping are supported with Hand-Story Converter.

Namo HandStory Suite 3.1 Media Suite

Namo HandStory 3.1 Media Suite for Pocket PC is a multifunction information browser and converter for Pocket PC and Windows.

Media Suite 3.1 has all the features of the regular Namo Hand-Story Suite 3.1, plus support for playing video on your Pocket PC.

You can even convert your own video files and install them onto your Pocket PC.

The Hand-Story Media Converter is provided as free add-on software.

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Namo HandStory browser provides a more user-friendly ui. With different list styles. Media Suite for Palm/Pocket PC displays texts, eBooks

Free download Namo Hand-Story Suite

Namo Hand-Story download

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