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Gnostice Information Technologies Private Limited - Profile

Launched in September 2002, Gnostice Information Technologies started with a strong base established by founder & CEO Girish Patil. Gnostice today offers some highly powerful technologies for software developers and business users to get their work done easily. With an active user base of over 4000 companies spread across 70 countries and growing, Gnostice today is well set to go out and realize the dream.

Gnostice, means insight, the power of perceiving, and we pronounce it nostis

Founder & CEO, Girish Patil, leads with the insight gained over 12 years of development experience. Prior to founding Gnostice, Girish consulted for over 5 years with large firms such as 3M, Ogilvy & Mather, OKS Speciality Lubricants and Pond's. He later developed and architected several software products. As chief architect and manager of much of the product line and solutions he worked with, Girish brings his vast experience in understanding needs, architecting solutions, and ultimately in managing the creation of solutions.

We are presently involved in the creation of high-quality, feature-rich software solutions for software developers and business users.


A dream we had that one day life would be far easier for all. Where people would get their work done with a minimum of time and effort. We understood that the dream could only be realized by systematically addressing challenges that people face. To begin with, we set out to address the challenges that people face in getting their everyday work done.

Thus our first mission:

To enable people to accomplish business with ease!

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Free download Gnostice Information Technologies software: Accomplish business. Powerful technologies for software developers/business users

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