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"Founded in 1998, Gold-Software Development is the leader in the market of raster graphics processing software, file processing utilities and network technologies. Being a private company, Gold-Software Development has clients in more than 60 countries. The list of company's clients includes well-known corporations, small businesses, government and educational establishments all over the world.

The topmost quality of our software products is guaranteed by high level of professionalism and loyalty of our employees. Gold-Software Development employs the best programmers specializing in graphics software, file utilities, network technologies and information processing methods. Every specialist, from the technical support service operator to the programmer, is an expert in their field of knowledge.

Simplicity and elegance are the main principles encouraged and realized in Gold-Software's products. You can appreciate this approach at its true value if you will use it. Choose our software and you can be delighted in person again and again!"

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Leader in the market of raster graphics processing software. File processing utilities and network technologies. Free download Gold-Software

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