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This product provides real-time and on demand scanning for all file operations on Samba

servers clients. When infected objects are detected, they can be either blocked, deleted or cured, with notification being sent to the system administrator. Reliable file server protection is the key to efficient protection against viruses. iChecker technology utilizing check-summing optimizes system performance when scanning is conducted. The solution's flexible architecture supports multi-processor systems. DE Kaspersky für Samba File-/Datei-Server, Deutsch Free-BSD

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Detects and disinfects viruses, spyware and other malware - Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Samba Server is designed to protect file storage areas on Samba Servers, which emulate Windows file servers under the Linux operating system. Thus, Windows-based users within a heterogeneous network are provided with safe and transparent access to data stored on Linux file servers. Kaspersky Anti-Virus is easily integrated with the Samba Server and does not require the Samba Server or parts of the operating system to be re-compiled.

Real-time protection for file servers

The application intercepts requests for access to Samba file storage areas, analyzes the files being accessed for malicious code and disinfects or deletes infected objects. Suspicious objects are quarantined pending further analysis.

On demand file system scanning

The application scans specified areas for infected and suspicious objects at the specified times (or on demand). It analyzes objects and disinfects, deletes or quarantines objects for further analysis.

Antivirus scanning optimization

The iChecker technology significantly reduces the time required for duplicate scans of each object by only scanning those files that have been modified since the latest scan.


Infected, suspicious and damaged objects detected in the file system can be moved to the quarantine folder, where they are processed according to administrator defined rules.

Backup storage

The solution saves copies of infected objects in a backup storage area before they are treated and/or deleted, making it possible to restore an object on demand in the event that disinfection fails.

Remote administration

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Samba Server can be configured either traditionally via the application's configuration file or using the Web interface.

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Protects file storage areas on Samba. Kaspersky Linux Samba file servers. Free Download AntiVirus security system for Samba File Servers, FreeBSD

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