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OWA For PDA/OWA For WAP, Lee Derbyshire

Are server-based, client-independent, mobile Outlook Web Access add-ons. Now you can give your mobile workforce Web browser access to their MS Exchange mailboxes from anywhere in the world that has access to the Internet, using only a simple Handheld PC or PDA (such as a PocketPC or a Palm device), or even a WAP enabled mobile phone.

MS Outlook Web Access (OWA) is an integral part of MS Exchange and is an optional component of MS Exchange 5.5. It works with MS Internet Information Services (IIS) and it allows you to access your MS Exchange Inbox from any Web browser connected to the Internet. This is a very useful addition to MS Exchange, but the standard MS OWA site is very graphical in content and is not really suitable for use with small mobile devices, or in low-bandwidth situations.

OWA For PDA and OWA For WAP are very lean in content, making them very suitable for use with handheld devices. The PDA version has also been used as a replacement for desktop OWA in locations where bandwidth is at a premium.

These products are the most cost-effective ways to deliver Outlook Web Access email and mailbox functionality (including Folders, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes, Address Lists and Public Folders) to mobile computing devices such as PocketPC (aka Pocket PC or PPC), Windows Mobile, Palm Zire, Tungsten, Treo 600, etc., Blackberry, Sony Ericsson T610 T620 T630 P800 P900 P910, etc., SmartPhone, HP iPAQ h2210 h2940 H5550, etc., SPV, WAP, etc. They present a simpler and cheaper alternative to Microsoft's Mobile Information Server (MIS), or Outlook Mobile Access (OMA).

Both products are designed to co-exist with a working, standard MS OWA installation. They are meant to be installed on the IIS/OWA server by the MS Exchange/IIS Administrator.

What people have said about OWA For PDA and OWA For WAP:

"You have no idea what a life saver your software is for us. Accessing our Public Folders is critical for our company. Microsoft has not provided a way to do that with a mobile device. You have."
Debra Lott, Network Administrator, Eastwind New York.

"OWA for PDA provides our firm with a robust and straightforward HTML interface to our Exchange Server. Easier than our Citrix platform, faster than Outlook Web Access, and not complicated by PDA operating systems, etc. OWA for PDA's strength is its simplicity. I can highly recommend this innovative software; the most direct remote access to MS Exchange I have ever seen. Kudos to the designer."
Martin Kuhn, System Administrator, Graham, Wilson and Green Law Firm, Barrie, Ontario.

"I was searching the Internet for many days for a product just like this. Thank you for writing such a great interface for mobile devices. It works like a charm. Access all your personal folders and public folders. Great feedback and support."
Fernando Velez, Network Administrator, TCA, Florida.

"Thank you for providing probably the best way to access Outlook Web Access from Palms and PPCs. You should be proud of this effort."
Skip Bremer, Senior Technical Project Manager, Texas Association of School Boards.

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Owa for pda + Owa for wap, server-based, client-independent. Mobile Outlook Web Access add-ons. MS Internet Information Services (IIS) Lee Derbyshire

Download Lee Derbyshire Mobile Outlook, Email, Web Access

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