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MYXOFT: Download DSS DJ 5 - Powerful, real-time DJ beat mixing solution - A powerful, user friendly solution

MyXoft DSS DJ 5

"Welcome to DSS DJ 5, a powerful, versatile and user friendly solution for real-time DJ beat mixing. DSS DJ was redesigned to become brick wall stable. With a new look and feel, this version becomes the new state of the art DJ beat mixing software. DSS DJ was developed with the purpose to meet all DJs requests, from beginners to PRO DJs."

Powerful, versatile and user friendly solution for real-time DJ beat mixing

If you are a beginner DJ looking for some information about what you need to start and what are the options, or a pro DJ searching for a DJ software which can do the same tasks as the hardware equipment and even better, then you are in the right place.

All future upgrades are free

DSS DJ is much more than an audio player. It's a professional, live mixing software especially developed to use and experiment DJ techniques without turntables, dual CD player or other DJ equipment.

DSS DJ became a powerful, versatile and user friendly beat mixing software because we are open to all new and interesting suggestions given by performing DJs, and we try to implement them. This fact made our customers to trust us, to love using DSS DJ in various occasions and our software to be awarded.


Songs manager





No shipping. Download the setup file (1.8 MB) via internet.


DSS DJ files for Windows and start guide.

System requirements

Windows with DirectX 8 and ASPI driver (to read CDA), Pentium/Athlon 1 GHz, 256 MB RAM.

Demo version limitations

30 minutes time limit per session. All features enabled.

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Welcome to dss dj, a powerful, versatile + user friendly solution. For real time dj beat mixing. MYXOFT: DSS DJ solution

Download MYXOFT DSS DJ beat mixing solution

DSS DJ 5 free download MYXOFT

"MyXOFT, a company experienced in digital sound processing and real-time programming field. MyXOFT's goal is to revolutionize the real-time Digital Sound Processing (DSP) software, offering new, useful and powerful features, innovative ideas to our customers at extremely low prices. We value the "price per quality ratio" because we are confident that our clients need quality products and first of all respect !

My-XOFT was founded with the purpose to become a brand for digital sound processing software. After a few years on this market and a lot of satisfied customers, we still provide a professional software with many and better features than other similar programs.

We developed DSS DJ to help DJs around the world as much as we can. That's why we are open to all interesting suggestions and we try to introduce them as soon as possible. This is our philosophy, and it helped us to win a lot of people on our side.

In the future, My-XOFT wants to become one of the best DJ resources on the web, offering all kind of products and information related to this market, and continuing to develop powerful software for live digital sound processing."

We value our customers
Thank you,
MyXOFT team.

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Myxoft Powerful Solution for Real Time Beat Mixing - Myxoft DSS: DJ