Microspot Photoxtra. Store and organise images, Sounds and movies software

Microspot PhotoXtra: Albums for sounds and movies - Store and organise Images

Photo-Xtra Classic/OS X

Using Microspot PhotoXtra it is easy to store and organise digital camera photographs or other images, sounds or movies.

Collect photos and other digital files including sounds and movies from digital cameras, scanners+, web pages, CD-ROMs, servers and more. The images or data can be placed into albums, then organised by utilising the built in sort options or sorting your files manually.

Create Photo Xtra albums and use them to hold any amount of picture files or any other type of data. Key words or comments can be added a single item, group or entire album to make it easier to find specific images or types of image using Photo-Xtra's powerful search capabilities.

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Using Microspot PhotoXtra. Easy to store and organise digital camera images. Microspot Photo-Xtra: Albums for pictures, sounds and movies

Download Microspot PhotoXtra: Store and organise Images

Microspot Photo-Xtra Classic/OS X free download

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Microspot Photoxtra: organise and store Images - Download Sounds-, Movies-Software