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Good integration with the Windows user interface and the easy to use of the software will save you money for training costs and help desk call.

Quick3270 is an OLE Automation Server. This feature allows you to automate, in an easy and standard way, the data exchange between your mainframe and your Windows application.

A lot of advanced functions and the low pricing makes Quick3270 the 3270/5250 connectivity solution with the best performance/price relationship on the market.

Site license and the complete C/C++ source code are available.

Quick3270 with 60 days evaluation version.

Quick 3270 includes configuration file templates designed to facilitate and accelerate migration from IBM Personal Communications and Attachmate Extra!

Quick-3270 can run natively macros recorded with IBM Personal Communications and Attachmate Extra!

TN-3270 emulator

3270 and 5250 emulation

Quick-3270 Secure

Windows Version

Quick-3270 Thai Edition

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Quick 3270 and 5250, the Terminal Emulator Software, English. Quick3270: A powerful, high reliable terminal emulator for Windows

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DN-Computing Quick-3270 5250 Terminal Emulator free download

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Version history - Quick-3270, and -5250
Improved compatibility with Windows.

Added: Word wrap option (only 3270 emulation)
SendFile and ReceiveFile function to macro language.
Fixed: Wait-For-String function may not wait under certain circumstances. JumpNext and Maximize don't work if keyboard is locked. Bad EBCDIC conversion of "»" character in the following host code pages: French, German, Greek and English-UK.

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