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Smart Lite Web Quiz XP

The new easy and affordable product that allows you to create on-line quizzes, tests and assessments in just a few minutes! By using an easy wizard, you can add the questions, choose the options and then set the final evaluation. Quizzes can be immediately answered on-screen, published to the Internet, to a network or to a CD-ROM.

Web-Quiz XP is SmartLite's new product which allows users to create HTML assessments, quizzes and tests, ready to be answered on screen or published on the Internet. Authors can enter the questions by using a simple wizard, setting the options of the test and then defining the final evaluation according to the total score. Web-Quiz XP includes five question types and several ready-to-use professional templates. The program supports the use of pictures, equations and comments; tests can be published automatically on floppy disks, CD-ROMs as well as on the Internet. Answers are collected and saved. A complete Web Administration Interface allows you to review answers, users, results, etc. This software is designed to be simple and easy-to-use; all the features are a few clicks away and tests can be created in a snap.

As Easy As 1-2-3!

WebQuiz XP is the ideal tool for trainers, teachers, educators and webmasters looking for a quick and simple way to create on-line quizzes. The program offers a super-easy interface that allows you to manage your quizzes: by following a few simple steps you can enter your questions, add pictures, formulas, equations, set the options and, voilà, automatically create the HTML quiz, ready to be used! If you want to publish your quizzes on the Internet, Web-Quiz XP is also provided with a built-in FTP client that allows you to upload the files directly on your website. Several templates help you to give your quizzes a professional look & feel in less time, even if you are not a graphic designer. WebQuiz XP comes with a comprehensive help file describing all its features.

Tests, Quizzes, Assessments, Surveys and More!

With WebQuiz XP you can create online quizzes, tests, assessments and questionnaires. Each question can have a correct answer as well as a different score according to the answer given (for example, 1 point for a correct answer, -0.5 for a wrong answer and 0 if unanswered). A custom explanation message can be shown if a wrong answer is chosen; you can even set a different message according to the answer given! Web-Quiz XP also supports surveys or psychological tests, where questions do not have correct answers; this way, you can use the program to collect data and display statistics.

Web-Quiz XP is the ideal tool for web-based training, distance learning, needs assessments, CBT, course evaluations, sales and product training, on-line quizzes, product certifications, placement tests, knowledge and academic assessments, employee orientation, recruitment testing, interactive exams, trivia games and more. Tests can be created with a few mouse clicks and published in no time; after an immediate feedback, results are collected and ready to be reviewed.

Real-Time Web Administration Interface

Web-Quiz XP allows you to add questions, set scores, change options, preview and publish quizzes by using a Windows program; after you have published your quizzes on the Internet or your Intranet (network), you can also use a complete real-time Web Administration Interface to view your questions, the answers given by users, total scores, statistics and much more. All quiz results are saved to a Microsoft Access .MDB database and can be exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or simple text files. The Web Administration Interface features an XP-style layout and it is very easy to setup on your own web server. SmartLite can also provide pre-configured accounts (with the Web Administration Interface already installed and configured) to host your tests so that you can get started in no time.

Win Asks OMR Fonts

The special characters needed to create 48 and 40 channel scanable forms.

Simply use the fonts with most off-the-shelf graphics packages to design scannable OMR forms. These typefaces can be used with any application that supports TrueType fonts.

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Smartlite WebQuiz XP, the easy and affordable product. Smartlite WIN ASKS, OMR fonts, educational testing. The ideal tool for trainers, teachers

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