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Trading Tools Code Print Valet

Extracts specially tagged comment blocks from programming source files and generates rich text documents containing the contents of those comment blocks.

Integration of documentation with code makes it easier to keep the documentation up to date. When developers make changes, they can quickly update the comment blocks at the same time. Code Print Valet also allows you to create custom formatted C++, Java and Visual Basic source code listings. The utility generates rich text documents containing your source code with the format of the keywords you have specified. So you are able to review the formatted source code in an editor (e.g. Word) before you start the print job. The utility will produce listings you will be proud to display.

Convert 2 Meta Stock

Allows you to to create data in the Meta-Stock-TM or Compu-Trac-TM format from an ASCII historical end-of-day data source file. The ASCII file can practically be in any file format.

You can define how your ASCII source is structured, for example: which columns have which fields (date, time, open, close, etc.)

DDE Chart Updater

Allows you to use Meta Stock or Sierra-Chart with data feeds that are not supported originally. The program connects to external programs providing (real-time) quotes via Windows DDE.

DDEChartUpdater converts these quotations to Meta-Stock or SierraChart format. The charts of Meta Stock/Sierra Chart will be refreshed automatically. More features of DDE Chart Updater: You can download data from any source in DDE format directly to MetaStock or Sierra Chart format. This widens the selections of possible data vendors by several orders of magnitude. You can use as many data vendors as you want. So you can easily combine the advantages of these venders by just configuring the DDE Chart Updater.

ML Downloader

Downloads intraday, end of day and historical stock quotes, Options and Futures from various Internet sites. The program gives you the option of saving your data in Meta Stock or in the form of ASCII files.

You are completely free to define your format of the ASCII files, so almost any Technical Analysis software can read it. To bring your data up-to-date simply instruct ML Downloader to perform a data collection for an individual symbol or a symbol list. You can also schedule your downloads. Specify a start time and a list of download symbols, and ML Downloader automatically downloads the data. Optionally you can select an external application that will be started after the download has completed. If you have some days missed, ML Downloader automatically fills the missing days. Example: If you have quotes till 10/07/2003 and you had not any chance to download quotes, all missing days will be filled automatically. ML Downloader allows you to download quotes from over 50 international exchanges. You will be notified if a component of a stock index changes. So you can be sure your symbol lists are always up to date!.

Tai-Pan 2 Meta Stock - German/Deutsch

Since the program "Tai-Pan Realtime" is only available for German speaking users the program "Tai-Pan2MetaStock" is in German language.

Mit TP2MS können Sie den Datenstrom von Tai-Pan Realtime für die Kursdatenversorgung von "Meta Stock Professional" nutzen. Fehlende Kurslücken werden automatisch erkannt und können sofort aufgefüllt werden. Die Chartaktualisierung von MetaStock erfolgt automatisch.

TP2MS setzt die Installation von folgenden Programmen voraus:


Managing your stock trading activity with "Smart Chart" is a cinch. The package includes:

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