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"Web-Site-Scripts is a private web development company, specializing in web applications development. Among famous web applications created by us, there are FormMail: Email Form Processor Pro, Form Maker Pro, KnowledgeBase Manager Pro, Web Calendar Pro, Flash Charts Pro and others. Over 30,000 customers from over 50 countries of the world are using our web applications and write great testimonials to the products they use.

Before 2005, Web-Site-Scripts was a business unit of MitriDAT Limited, a leading provider of IT solutions and custom software development services worldwide. Starting from March 2005, Web Site Scripts has transformed into a separate business. Thus we can focus all our resources on development of rich internet applications.

People behind Web-Site-Scripts have extensive experience in web applications development using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP), AJAX, RIA, JS-GUI - AJAX driven JavaScript Framework and other technologies. Having a clear understanding of our clients" businesses, we successfully implemented over 1,000 customization projects, adjusting our web applications to customer needs.

Today Web-Site-Scripts focuses on three priorities:

We can't stop improving our web applications. Receiving hundreds of feedback's and suggestions from our clients, we implement them though release updates and version updates. Each new version contains new useful features and provides more joy to work with.

Customization projects

Occasionally our clients place customization projects with us to tailor web applications to comply with their unique business processes. Most customization projects were implemented for KnowledgeBase Manager Pro, Form Processor Pro and Web Calendar Pro users.

Should you have any questions regarding Web-Site-Scripts, please contact us."

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