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Risk free delete and Dependency analysis for SQL Server

If database object bloat is the problem, ApexSQL Clean is the solution. Your database may have many stored procedures, tables and views that aren't being used anymore but unless you determine which of your objects fall into this category you will be stuck with them forever.

ApexSQL Clean will analyze a client whether it be VB.NET, ASP, C#, etc., to determine what SQL objects are actually being used and what objects aren't. It will also analyze the database itself to see what internal references exist among SQL objects. Based on this analysis it will generate a file of SQL drop statements to clean your database of these useless objects.

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"[ApexSQL Audit] has been a life saver for me. No longer can our business clients blame the system or my IT staff when errors appear in our data. Thanks to [ApexSQL Audit], we can now track "when" and "who" made the change and if needed restore old data. [ApexSQL Audit] has paid for itself in it's first week of use."
... Andy Zecha, Director of Database Operations - HubX.net.

"[ApexSQL Audit] has saved us hours of programming. It produces reliable code, and addresses important auditing requirements of our point of sale applications."
... Gary Low, President Remington Stevens.

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ApexSql clean solution, Database object bloat. Looks for deletes unreferenced, unused Database objects. ApexSQL Clean: analysis 4 SQL Server

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Analysis for SQL Server

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Apexsql Server Solution, Database Object, Bloat - ApexSQL Clean