A tool that is evolving rapidly, ApexSQL edit

Download ApexSQL Edit: Source Control Integration - Tool, that is Evolving Rapidly with new Features

Full IDE for SQL Server Development including Intellisense - Data Editing and Source Control Integration

ApexSQL Edit has been modified to provide many new features, including object notes, context sensitive options while editing such as What Is... and Open of stored procedures as well as a results pane that allows grouping and filtering, including the ability to provide automatic filtering with drop down selections.

ApexSQL Edit is a tool that is evolving rapidly with new features being added almost weekly. Scores of new features are going to be rolled out in the coming months which will make an already compelling software tool even better.

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ApexSQL Edit - Editor/IDE for SQL Server

ApexSQL Edit - Features

"Thanks Brian. We really appreciate the quality of your product, as well as your willingness to accommodate our needs. You are tops on our list when we go searching for development tools."
... Scott C. Dixon, MCP, MCP+SB, MCSD - Tech Consultant - CTGi.

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Tool with new features, that is evolving rapidly. A powerful IDE especially designed for advanced SQL Server developers. ApexSQL Edit: Data Source

ApexSQL Edit Features

ApexSQL Edit for SQL Server

ApexSQL Edit, full IDE Data Editing

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ApexSQL Tool, that is Evolving Rapidly with new Features - ApexSQL Edit