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"ApexSQL is a leading provider of value added tools for Microsoft SQL Servers Developers. We offer a variety of high quality SQL software products with NO Costs or Upgrades Fees."

ApexSQL Code

is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) Code Generation tool for Microsoft SQL Server that enables you to automatically generate thousands of lines of perfect ASP, VB, C#, SQL (and more) code in just seconds.

ApexSQL Audit

proves a comprehensive, enterprise level active data auditing tool for Microsoft SQL Server Database auditing unmatched on the market today.

ApexSQL Clean

looks for and deletes unreferenced and unused Database objects like tables, views and procedures.

ApexSQL Diff

is a server based, high speed database comparison tool that will analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, users, etc., between two Microsoft SQL Server databases in seconds.

ApexSQL Doc

is a powerful tool to document your sql server database into HTML help Documentation.

ApexSQL Edit

is a powerful IDE especially designed for advanced SQL Server developers including integration with source safe, Intellisense, sql formatting, data editing and advanced features not found in other SQL IDEs like Procedure/Column Intellisense, Collapsing Regions, Deployment projects and more.

ApexSQL Log

is a powerful SQL data auditing tool that analyzes SQL Server's own Transaction Log to display information on data and soon ... structural changes.

ApexSQL Script

is a SQL tool that creates insert scripts from any Microsoft SQL Server database table (or view) that can be archived, emailed, checked into source control, run against another database, etc.

ApexSQL Report

is a data driven, web reporting solution for Microsoft SQL Server. Imagine the ability to leverage off an existing database and begin offering your users literally hundreds of web based, HTML reports in a few minutes rather than weeks or even months.

ApexSQL Tools - SQL tools to compare, audit, script, diff, doc, recover

SQL Tools for Auditing, Code Generation, Scripting, Reporting and more. ApexSQL offers the largest collection of SQL Server tools in the world, covering almost all aspects of SQL Development. Use this page to help select the product(s) or bundle you need by type and/or feature set.

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A leading provider of value added tools for Microsoft SQL Server Developers. ApexSQL solutions center: ApexSQL Code, Audit, Clean, Diff, Doc, Edit