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The ASPNetMedia WebControl Suite

are effective, affordable software components. This software allows you to effortlessly build custom media-oriented presentations and graphical user interfaces for nearly any type of digital entertainment media.

Included in the ASP-Net-Media Web-Control Suite are the following products:


ASP.NET Flash Control for ASP.NET - Efficiently detect and embed Abode Flash media in ASP.NET Web Pages.


ASP.NET Flash Controls for Windows Media, QuickTime and Real Player - Embed, skin and detect the core internet video formats using the ASP.NET Video component.


ASP.NET Flash Video Control for Streaming FLV Media - Embed fully skinable "YouTube" style Flash Video using ASP.NET.


ASP.NET Audio Control for Web-Ready Audio - Embed and control MP3 music and sound effects in ASP.NET either "behind the scenes", or using a ASP.NET skinable custom audio player.

ASPNetMedia GUI Controls

Graphical User Interface Tools - The ASPNetMediaGUI Toolkit allows you to skin and control other ASPNetMedia components for Video, Audio, Flash-Video and Flash.


ASP.NET Tool Tip / Balloon Help Control for ASP.NET - The Rich Tool-Tip Component for ASP.NET.

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