High quality encoding functions. Audio to MP3 music CD extractor

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Combines easy-to-use settings with good quality extracting and encoding. Create MP3, OGG, WMA and even WAV files from your regular audio CDs. While beginners will find the default settings enough, advanced users will be able to choose from constant and variable bit rate, change the encoding quality setting, the bit rate setting and many more. File normalization - which will make sure all of your songs have about the same volume - is also an option. And everything uses very high quality encoding functions.

Innovative Solutions: Audio 2 MP3 Music CD Extractor

runs under Windows, and may be purchased securely online by following the link on top of this page. Volume discount prices are available.

Innovative Solutions Advanced Disk Cleaner

The new version Advanced Disk Cleaner solves a few minor bugs.

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Innovative Solutions: combines easy-to-use settings with high quality extracting and encoding functions. Audio 2 MP3 Music CD Extractor

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Download Audio 2 MP3 Music CD Extractor

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