Minq software, DbVisualizer. The tool for all major relational data bases
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Minq: DbVisualizer Personal - Universal Database Tool for all Major Relational Data Bases

Minq DbVisualizer download

A cross-platform database visualization and management tool which entirely relies on the JDBC, Java Database Connectivity APIs. DbVisualizer enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC drivers. Just point and click to browse the structure of the database, characteristics of tables, etc. Arbitrary SQL statements can be executed and saved between sessions. DbVisualizer supports a variety of databases including Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Pointbase, McKoi, SAP DB, Mimer and HSQL.

The Universal Database Tool

DbVisualizer is a cross-platform database tool for all major relational databases. DbVisualizer enables simultaneous connections to many different databases through JDBC drivers. Just point and click to browse the database structure, view detailed characteristics of database objects, edit table data graphically, execute arbitrary SQL statements or SQL scripts, reverse engineer primary/foreign key mappings graphically or why not let DbVisualizer chart your database with its advanced charting options. The user friendly graphical interface in combination with the unique collection of features makes DbVisualizer the ideal choice for database administrators and developers.


DbVisualizer is a database tool useful for developers and database administrators to aid maintaining their databases. It is the perfect choice since the same tool can be used on almost all operating systems accessing a wide range of databases. Even though the name spells "DbVisualizer" it is not only for browsing databases. There are support to manage and edit table content and of course the SQL Commander which allows any user defined SQL statement to executed.

DbVisualizer is available in two editions - Db Visualizer Free

Db Visualizer Personal - Extends the Free edition with features such as:

This edition is commercial and is licensed per user

Request a time limited evaluation license and try out the features of the DbVisualizer Personal edition!

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