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Antamedia Internet Cafe Software ... Internet Cafe Free download
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 5 Clients)
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 10 Clients)
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 15 Clients)
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 20 Clients)
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 30 Clients)
Internet Caffe Software (Server + 40 Clients)
Internet Caffe Software (Server + Unlimited Clients)
Internet Caffe (Server + Unlimited Clients)

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager - Lite
Bandwidth Manager - Standard Edition

Antamedia Medical Software - Unlimited Computers

Antamedia Credit Card Support for Antamedia Internet Cafe Software
Credit Card Support for Antamedia HotSpot

Antamedia Remote HotSpot Operator

HotSpot Software - Lite Edition
Antamedia HotSpot Software - Standard
HotSpot Software - Premium
Antamedia HotSpot - Upgrade Standard to Premium

Additional 5 Clients
Additional 10 Clients
Additional 15 Clients
Antamedia Additional 20 Clients
Additional 25 Clients
Additional 30 Clients
Additional 50 Clients

Antamedia HotSpot - Upgrade Lite to Standard
HotSpot - Upgrade Lite to Premium

Internet Cafe Software - Smart Card License

Antamedia HotSpot Software

Print Manager - Lite Edition
Print Manager - Standard
Antamedia Print Manager - Premium
Print Manager - Corporate

Antamedia Remote Operator License for Antamedia Print Manager
Internet Cafe Software - Smart Card License 2

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Lite
Bandwidth Manager - Premium Edition

Antamedia Print Manager Software

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager Software

Medical Software - 2 Computers
Medical Software - 5 Computers
Antamedia Medical Software - 10 Computers
Medical Software - 20 Computers
Medical Software - 40 Computers

Antamedia Internet Cafe Software - Enterprise for Unlimited Clients
Internet Cafe Software - Premium Edition for 50 Clients
Internet Cafe Software - Premium for 30 clients
Internet Cafe Lite - Server with 5 Clients
Internet Cafe Software - Standard Edition for 40 clients
Internet Cafe Software - Standard for 15 Clients

Antamedia Remote Operator License for the Internet Cafe Software

Point Of Sale - Lite
Antamedia Point Of Sale - Standard
Point Of Sale - Premium

Internet Cafe Software - Standard
Internet Cafe Software - Premium Edition
Antamedia Internet Cafe Software - Lite

HotSpot Software - Enterprise

Antamedia Point Of Sale – Enterprise Edition

Antamedia Kiosk Software - Lite
Antamedia Kiosk Software - Standard
Antamedia Antamedia Kiosk Software - Premium Edition
Antamedia Kiosk Software - Enterprise

Antamedia Bandwidth Manager - Enterprise Edition

Internet Cafe Standard - Server with 5 Clients
Internet Cafe Premium - Server with 5 Clients

Antamedia Pay Station
Online Reports

Premium Support and Maintenance (1 Year)
Antamedia Enterprise Support and Maintenance (1 Year)

PMS Support for the Hotspot Software

Antamedia HotSpot Software - Enterprise

Antamedia Online Reports - Hosted Solution

Antamedia HotSpot - Upgrade to Premium Edition
HotSpot - Upgrade to Standard
HotSpot - Upgrade to the Lite
HotSpot - Upgrade to the Enterprise

Antamedia Remote Control Software - Lite
Remote Control Software - Standard Edition
Remote Control Software - Premium
Remote Control Software - Enterprise

Antamedia Hotel WiFi Billing with TripAdvisor

Hotspot Click – Image and Video Ads, Coupons, Surveys
Antamedia HotSpot Billing (Add-On)

Support for the Trip Advisor

Antamedia HotSpot Software - Starter
HotSpot Software - Premium 2

Antamedia Hotel WiFi Billing

Antamedia Start Hotspot App (Android)


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