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SparxSystems Compendium of Enterprise Architect
SparxSystems EA-Modeling Assistants_Named user (SKU:LL-PowerTools)

Enterprise Architect Business & Software Engineering Floating Ed. EABSEFLOAT
- " - Business & Software Engineering named user lic. EABSE
- " - Corporate Floating Liz. [EACORPFLOAT]
SparxSystems - " - Corporate named user lic. EACORP
- " - Desktop named user lic. EADESK
- " - Professional named user lic. EAPRO
- " - Systems Engineering Floating Ed. EASEFLOAT
- " - Systems Engineering named user lic. EASE

SparxSystems - " - Ultimate Floating Ed. EAULTFLOAT
- " - Ultimate named user lic. EAULT
SparxSystems Handbuch "Kompendium zu Enterprise Architect von SparxSystems"
SparxSystems MDG BPSim Execution Engine floating user lic. [MDGBPSIMFLOAT]
MDG BPSim Execution Engine named user lic. [MDGBPSIM]

SparxSystems MDG Integration for Microsoft Office floating lic. [MDGOFFICEFLOAT]
- " - Microsoft Office named user lic. [MDGOFFICE]
MDG Integration für Eclipse Floating Liz. [MDGECLINTFLOAT]
- " - Eclipse named user lic. [MDGECLINT]
- " - Visual Studio .NET named user lic. [MDGVSINT]
- " - Visual Studio.NET Floating Liz [MDGVSINTFLOAT]
MSparxSystems DG Link für Doors Floating Liz. [MDGDOORFLOAT]
MDG Link für Doors named user lic. [MDGDOOR]

SparxSystems MDG Technology TOGAF Floating Liz. [MDGTOGAF-FLOAT]
MDG Technology TOGAF named user lic. [MDGTOGAF]
MDG Technology for DDS Floating Liz. [MDGDDSFLOAT]
- " - DDS named user lic. [MDGDDS]
- " - UPDM Framework Floating Liz. [MDGUPDM-FLOAT}
- " - UPDM Framework named user lic. [MDGUPDM]
- " - Zachman Framework Basic Liz [MDGZF]
- " - Zachman Framework Floating Liz. [MDGZFFLOAT]
MDG Technology für SysML Floating Liz [MDGSYSMLFLOAT]
- " - SysML named user lic. [MDGSYSML]

SparxSystems Practical Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML "CONSTRAINSYSMLENGLBuch"

SparxSystems RaQuest Floating License (SKU RAQFLOATE)
RaQuest Nodelock License (SKU RAQE)

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