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DataMystic - Text conversion and manipulation tools - Server Migration - Download Content Management

Datamystic (Crystal) - FREE DOWNLOAD DataMystic Software

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Downloads - DataMystic provides solutions

for data conversion, data extraction, find replace, search replace, word hyperlinks, excel hyperlinks, excel find and replace.


The ultimate DOS CD replacement with Windows 95 long filename support, a history list, aliases for common folders and corrects your mistakes!

TextPipe Pro
Automates Complex Text Mining and Processing Tasks with Huge File Sets.

Text Pipe Standard

This is the lite version of TextPipe without the advanced features such as VBScripting, database connection, command line automation etc.
Text-Pipe Lite

Disable mouse and keyboard for baby/pet.


Shows space used and wasted in each folder.

Modify file or folder create/modify/access dates from the command line. It can change dates using either a reference file or a series of YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MIN, SEC, MSEC commands. Handles read-only files.

Arc Menu

Arc is a full-featured, Y2K compliant menu system that can be used to run all of your favourite programs.

Convert emailed resumes and their attachments to numbered text files suitable for importing into packages such as ResTrac.


Search and Replace multiple Microsoft Word documents. Change hyperlinks and UNC paths when servers get renamed, update names, addresses and phone numbers, translate with find/replace lists. Automatically handles passwords. Unicode compliant.
Word-Pipe Lite

DataPipe Search Replace performs interactive search and replace (with pattern matching and replacing) inside your database. Supports VBScripting as well!

DetachPipe Lite

Save, delete, compress, detach and upload huge email attachments - replace with hyperlink. Reduce PST size and improve Outlook performance. Files are auto-numbered, and can be Compressed and set Read Only. Detach based on date, sender, subject etc.
Detach-Pipe Pro

Time Zone Helper
Don't wake your German boss at 3am! Use Time Zone Helper to show the optimum working time overlap!


Search and Replace multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets...
Excel-Pipe Lite

Convert emailed resumes and their attachments to numbered text files suitable for importing into packages such as ResTrac.


Convert emails to numbered text files suitable for further processing.
EmailPipe Single User Starter Pack

Disables the keyboard so a DVD can be watched by a small child without them destroying your computer!

Easy-Pattern Helper

A nifty new way to describe patterns of text, in a way that is easy to understand and use, and with plenty of power under the hood.

Web Search and Replace
Automates Search and Replace across huge web sites.

Web Copyrighter

Secretly leave your "Mark" on any HTML web page or site, XML, Blogs, RSS feeds, Unicode text and more! Get the legal tools you need to pursue and stamp out illegal use of your content!

Search and Replace multiple Microsoft PowerPoint presentations...
PowerPoint Pipe Lite

File and Folder Watcher

Continuously monitors a folder for any new files, then triggers a custom action, such as running a second program with the new files. Files can be inserted on the command line or saved to a list file. New files can also be processed by time eg every 30 minutes.

Download web sites to your hard disk for data mining.

TextPipe Pro Run Time

has no editing capabilities - it is just a run time engine.

ResumePipe Pro Site
Resume-Pipe Pro include a FREE copy of TextPipe Pro for performing text filtering and other text manipulations.

TextPipe Engine Pro

programmers DLL The full version of TextPipe Engine.

WordPipe File Server License
Word-Pipe allows you to search and replace in many Word documents in one shot. It supports all of Word's search and replace options.

EasyPattern Engine

The full version of the Easy-Pattern Engine.

Search and Replace Bundle

The solutions to all your search and replace needs - across text/html/xml, Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, Power-Point presentations and more!

DirDate Server
DIRectory (and file) Date Changer...

DirDate Portable User License

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Prices are set in USD; approximate EUR and AUD. We accept payment in multiple currencies. You can also use our currency converter to determine the relevant exchange rate."

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