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Kerio MailServer w/ McAfee AV, 10 user Base License
Kerio Mail-Server, 10 user Base License
Kerio Win-Route Firewall - 10 user Base License
Kerio Win-Route Firewall w/ McAfee AV - 10 user Base License.

About Kerio Technologies Inc.

"Company Profile - Kerio Technologies, Inc. provides Internet messaging and firewall products, emphasizing the secure delivery of your network data with clear, easy-to-use administrative interfaces and tools.

History - Kerio Technologies, Inc. first entered the Internet security market in 1997 with its popular and well-regarded Win-Route Pro product family and was incorporated in 2001. WinRoute's favorable reputation for its ease of use, reliability and great performance propelled the company's initial success. Throughout its history, Win-Route has received recognition from the IT press, industry experts and technology web portals, as being a viable yet affordable alternative to firewall/router appliances.

Since receiving ICSA firewall certification in June of 2000, WinRoute Pro has grabbed the attention of customers with high security requirements like US Air Naval Systems and travel reservation giant Amadeus. By offering powerful networking functionality and certified security with a user-friendly Windows interface, Win-Route has become one of the most popular software firewall solutions in its price range.

Today - Kerio is the pulse of your network. Today, it boasts not only its award-winning Win-Route Firewall product, but also Kerio Mail-Server.

Kerio MailServer simplifies messaging for the SMB market by offering a mature and easily-deployable alternative to MS Exchange and an attractive option for the increasingly-viable Mac and Linux platforms.

Kerio Mail-Server's easy-to-use feature set is driven by customer feedback we regularly incorporate. Beyond the intuitive interface, KMS is extremely cost effective, and offers administrators anti-virus protection and content filtering capabilities and other necessary functions for the modern network. Our Microsoft Exchange migration tool helps to elegantly transfer your data with minimal network interruption.

WinRoute Pro has evolved into an industry-leading gateway firewall product, Win-Route Firewall. Kerio's Win-Route Firewall offers peace of mind to network administrators of small and medium sized networks by proficiently securing company data. Its continually updated suite of features keep it competitive, while its reliability and price point encourages system administrators to stay loyal."

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