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Trading-Tools Download - Many flexible options for data downloading

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Trading Tools trials for Award winning financial software...

Code-Print Valet

Valet puts you in full control of how your print-outs look.

Convert-2-Meta Stock

can convert ASCII files to the popular MetaStock data format.


Make a connection to Excel using DDEChartupdater...

Indices Builder

allows you to design custom indices using your MetaStock files. The index reflects the average open, high, low, close and volume and allows you to view a chart of it and run tests on it in MetaStock.


downloads recent and historical quotes (OHLC) from various internet sources (Yahoo, MSN) for any and all stocks in 50+ exchanges worldwide and writes them in the industry standard Metastock format (any version) or in form of ASCII files (CSV).


Mit TP2MS können Sie Kurse von dem Programm Tai-Pan realtime direkt ins MetaStock Format schreiben. Werden die Kurse ins MetaStock Format geschrieben, wird ein Progressbar angezeigt. Beim Download der Kurse wird der jeweilige Tag angezeigt.


provides nine ways to view the pricing information: candlesticks, candlevolume, equivolume, equivolume shadow, kagi, high/low/close bars, line, point & figure and renko.

Trading-Tools - Customer Reviews

My regrets was I bought Set-Ups download downloader one week ago and I was very disappointed with its performances. I wish I had discovered ML-Downloader earlier.

ML-Downloader offers many flexible options set-ups than any other downloaders that I have tested about 6 of them, others are basic features, no symbols library database or even if they do have it .... it does not allow me to manage the database easily on my own, many others states for use with downloading data from international stock exchanges but not all are able to download full historical data. The data downloading speed from others are not as fast when I tested them. With ML-Downloader, it does stands up as clear winner for the fastest downloading speed that I can ever get. The choice of different data formats available and able to save different data formats to different portfolios really caters to my needs. ML-Downloader - full of great features, benefits, flexible set-ups and easy to use that beats other downloaders and importantly - IT WORKS. My encounter with the support staff was SUPER with fast responds and couple of helpful emails support from Peter... Thank you, Peter.

I believe this is the BEST data downloading program available. Truly, it's the NO.1 data downloader for downloading data from all the international stock exchanges for FREE... Dino, Singapore.

I've just bought your MLDownloader. It's a much better product than another downloader which I was foolish enough to buy recently. Thank you for such a great program!... Thomas R., USA.

Absolutely Love your program; Does what it is told (and some more); Has Virtually NO Learning time at all; All of this for an Unbelievable One Time Charge!... Ken, USA.

I like ML-Downloader because of two things. First, it's behavior (install it, set download timer - and forget it :-) ) and second the very fast support with hints in case that other software programs run in trouble with downloaded quotes... Bernd N., Switzerland.

Your tools are getting better and better (and better and better :-) I'm really happy that I have bought MLDownloader. Keep up the good work is all I can say. Many thanks... Craig F., USA.

Thanks for the answer -it's nice to get prompt response. You have a good product - should be a bit easier to find in the myrid of Internet links though!... Larry H., England.

I am member in several yahoo-groups and saw that you have many supporters in them. People said MLD is the best program. The download task of the program is a lot faster in the new version. Once again. Thanks a lot for a brilliant program!... Heiko A., Germany.

It is amazing the way you work , I think I've never received a support so prompt as I receiving from you !
Thank you very much. Great program! It's the cheapest and most comprehensive download program!... William G., Australia.

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I believe ... this is the best data downloading program available here. With many Trading Tools flexible set-ups and options for data download. Excel connection

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