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Covers all the today's XML technologies offering support for any XML document, working with XML Schemas, DTDs, Relax NG schemas and NRL Schemas.

The powerful transformation support allows you not only to edit XSLT and XSL-FO documents but also to obtain documents in the desired output format like HTML, PS, PDF, etc. with just one click. The content assistant, XML outliner and the model view are all designed to make XML editing faster and easier:

Intelligent XML Editing

Context Sensitive content assistant is changing the way you edit documents, helping you create valid content all the time.

XML Outliner

<oXygen/> comes along with a powerful outliner which is automatically synchronized with the document changes.

X-Include support

<oXygen/> supports X-Include which is a standard for building up XML documents from smaller pieces, being a replacement for the external entities.

XML Validation and Well-Formedness Check

The XML validation can be done by checking the documents against a schema. <oXygen/> supports: XML Schema, DTD and Relax NG schemas.

XML Formating and Indentation

An useful utility is the XML document formatter.

Unicode and Internationalization

<oXygen/> supports a large number of text encodings. Unicode is fully supported.

Tree Editor

XML documents can be viewed/edited in a graphical tree. The tree editor is handy for large size documents.


<oXygen/> XML editor has a large number of features regarding the editing of the XML related documents. You can find here a detailed list of them:

XML Editor

The content assistant, XML outliner and the model view are all designed to make XML editing faster and easier.


Offering a powerful content assistant for the XSL and FO documents and the possibility of selecting from different types of XSLT transformers, including FOP, <oXygen/> is one of the XSLT developers" favorite choice.

XSL/XSLT Debugger

Making use of two XSLT transformation engines, Saxon and Xalan, the <oXygen/> helps you spot the bugs that may be present in your XSL stylesheets. XPath dynamic evaluation, templates and nodes stacks are just few of the informations presented in the debugging perspective.

Other features

Plugin for Eclipse, various editors for Doc-Book, TEI, XHTML, XSL:FO, SVG, X-Query, WSDL, remote editing, licensing policy, miscellaneous.

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SyncRO Soft oXygen Xml editor covers all the XML technologies. Document working with xml schemas. SyncRO Soft Validation and Check

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Syncro Soft oXygen XML Editor free download

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Syncro Soft Oxygen - XML Editor Document working with Schemas - SyncroSoft Oxygen free download