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Telerik Spell, Download: add multilingual capabilities to ASP.NET - Can be attached to any Server or Client Element

Telerik spell

The component is completely customizable and can be attached to any server/client editable element (textbox, div, iframe). It currently supports 18 languages with custom dictionaries for every language.

Support for Internet Explorer for Mac

rad spell V 1.3 now fully support Internet Explorer for Macintosh.

Ignoring inline scripts and style definitions

r.a.d. spell now automatically ignores inline sript tags and style definitions in the HTML code. Since those tags are not used for storin text, they are not processed in order to avoid false spelling error reports.

Support for Microsoft Word dictionaries

rad spell V 1.1 has been enhanced significantly and now can support the dictionaries of Microsoft Word (must be installed on the server). This gives end-users even greater convenience due to the richer set of dictionaries.

CSS-Based Skinning

Developers can now change completely the appearance of r.a.d. spell dialogs by modifying the supplied CSS stylesheet and images. Three schemes are shipped with the product: default, custom and monochrome.

Spellcheck any server- or client-side control

rad spell is a standalone component which can be attached to any editable control, like textarea, div, iframe, or WYSIWYG editor (r.a.d.editor). All you have to do is place the r.a.d. spell tag on your page and set its ControlToCheck property to the ID of your editable element.

Supports multiple languages

rad spell is a multilingual spellchecker, which allows users to select one of the installed languages from a drop-down. All dictionaries are located on the server so no time-consuming downloads are required.

List of all supported languages

Afrikaans - South Africa, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US), English (UK), French, German (Germany), German (Switzerland), Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Ukrainian.

Custom dictionary for every language

When the "Add to custom dictionary" option is enabled, the end-user can place unknown words to a custom dictionary, which will be automatically created for the respective language. The custom dictionaries are in ".txt" format and can be easily edited when needed.

Add subject-specific dictionaries (i.e. medical)

Besides the provided default language dictionaries, you can easily create a new or specialized one (i.e. medical, technical) following the "one word per line" rule.

Easy interface localization

Just like with the r.a.d. editor, the r.a.d. spell's interface (labels, buttons, tooltips and error messages) can be easily localized, by switching a single property. You can also create a new interface language in a matter of minutes.

Complete dialog skinning/redesign

You can quickly change the appearance of the rad spell dialog using schemes. Moreover, since the source the dialogs is located in an external ascx file, you can rearrange and completely redesign it, to elegantly blend the spellchecker into the interface of your site or web-application.

Wide browser support: IE 5, NS 7.1, Mozilla 1.2

r.a.d. spell is a pure ASP.NET server control, which renders only HTML and JavaScript on the client machine. As a result, the component offers wide cross-browser compatibility and requires no plug-ins or downloads.

No-postback algorithm for superior performance

The advanced Levenstein algorithm used by rad spell is implemented so that the whole editable content is checked at once, without ant Post-Backs. This significantly improves performance and lowers the load on the server.

Options: check all caps, check words with numbers, etc.

To bring the end-user experience closer to the desktop word-processors, r.a.d. spell provides common spellchecking options like: check all caps, check words that start with a capital, check words with numbers, and check for repeated words.

Integrated support by r.a.d. editor

rad spell is internally supported by the leading WYSIWYG editor - r.a.d. editor. As a result, the spellchecker can be evoked by the designated button on the editor's toolbar. Moreover, the end-user may select the spellchecking language from the convenient dropdown.

TELERIK rad Spell - System Requirements Spell

Server Spell

You must have IIS running and Microsoft ASP.NET Version 1.0+ installed on the machine where you want to install r.a.d. spell (the server). If you do not have the .NET framework installed, the wizard will ask you to install it and then run the setup again.

Client Spell

Editor/IDE Spell

You can use any text editor to set the required properties of the control and to implement it in your pages. Below is a list of the most commonly used editors: Best integration is provided for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Web Matrix where you can easily set properties and drag-and-drop the control directly in your application.

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Telerik Spell. Enables developers to add Asp.Net applications and can be attached to any server/client element control

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