Telerik Treeview. Management of hierarchical data structures

Telerik Treeview: Download component for ASP.NET - Management of Hierarchical Data Structures

Telerik RAD treeview

It facilitates the display, management, and navigation of hierarchical data structures. The product offers many advanced features like drag-and-drop between treeviews, load on demand (MSDN-style), context menus, auto SQL binding, etc.

Client-Side Load on Demand

rad spell introduces a new client-side load on demand mechanism, which allows you to populate child nodes on demand without postback to the server. The nodes, which are retrieved client-side cannot take part in server events, but only in client events like Href redirection, client-side drag-and-drop and all client-side events.

Node Sorting

r.a.d. treeview now fully supports node sorting. The only thing you need to do is to set the Sort property to one of the following values: Ascending, Descending, None.


rad spell supports binding to data-source (Data-Set, Data-Table) so you can easily populate a treeview instance with only a few lines of code. The built-in data-binding support auto-binding from a single self-referencing table with ID -» Parent-ID relation.

Keyboard Support

r.a.d. treeview can be fully navigated using the keyboard. You can focus on a treeview with a predefined Alt+Key combination, navigate through the nodes, expand/collapse, select, and check/uncheck nodes.

Ability for Customization of Individual Nodes

Each node (Rad-Tree-Node) can now have separate Css classes for default, hover and selected state.

Multiple node selection (Ctrl + select)

You can select more than one node by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on a node. Upon postback you can retrieve all selected nodes using an API method.

Tree-view ComboBox mode

Another unique feature of the rad spell is the ability for implementation of treeview combo-box, similar to the Custom Links drop-down of the r.a.d. editor.

Cross-frame support

Every node has a Target attribute which makes r.a.d. treeview compatible for every frame scenario ("_blank" is supported as well).

Fine-tuned behavior with Before/After events

The client-side event model provides greater flexibility allowing you to attach custom JavaScript functions before and after a node is highlighted, clicked, checked, toggled, etc. Events are fired also before and after a context menu item is clicked.

API for dynamic add/delete/disable of nodes

rad spell provides a comprehensive set of API methods for programmatic control at run-time: add, delete, enable, disable, check, uncheck, etc.

Control over the initial node state - expanded/collapsed

Creating intuitive hierarchical navigation has never been easier thanks to the r.a.d. treeview's ability to specify the initial state (expanded/collapsed) of a given node or of the whole tree altogether.

Retaining of the scroll position between postbacks

In case you have a large treeview structure the component can be set to retain its scroll position between postbacks, so that the current node is always visible.

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Telerik Treeview, the supercharged treeview component for Asp.Net. Management of hierarchical data structures. Client-Side Load Demand

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