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Liquid menu pro

is a flash menu, easy to configure by it`s custom user intrface. It looks like glass tubes that fills with colored liquid on roll over.

Targa menu XML

is a new flash menu easy to use and configure by it's external XML file, you can edit this configuration file with any text editor. Your page visitors will only need to have macromedia flash player installed.

Micro Menu XML

A very nice flash menu for your web sites, it is very easy to use. You can configure this menu with a text editor like notepad, no other software is required.

Cx Nav Bar

is a drop down menu for your website, menu is made in macromedia flash, it has nice sounds and movement animation.

Tab Menu XML

it has a nice design, it is very easy to configure and also very flexible.

Quick Menu XML

is a web menu, it is made to be used as navigation system for your web site.

Flash Photo gallery

for websites, made with macromedia flash, the gallery allows you to easy display your photos on websites, also has features like slideshow and "next", "previous" buttons.

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