Crosstab or Column by 90 extended stored procedure, Ags SQL scribe

AGS SQL Scribe Enterprise, CrossTab, Columnby - Column by 90 - Extended Stored Procedure

AGS Columnby 90 Extended stored procedure for MS SQL 2000

xp_ags_colby 90_2000 will transpose multiple rows of a single column into one single row. Now you can show multiple child records on a single line of the parent record.

Using the included user defined function allows you to call the extended stored procedure from within a SQL statement.

AGS SQL Data Assistant

A program designed to help you as a DBA manage and check the data integrity of your database.

Quick Features

AGS SQL Scribe Enterprise

A documentation tool created with the developer in mind. SQL Scribe will interrogate a SQL database and extract the database schema. This schema information is stored in an MS Access database. Using any readily available browser the developers can navigate though the system documentation which is laid out in a easy to read and logical way.

With SQL Scribe 90% of your system documentation is complete. Using the included User documentation tool you can add your own user documentation as well. You can re-run the Schema Extraction process as many times as you need, without losing your user documentation.

Using IIS and MTS to generate the HTML pages means that hundreds of developers and end-users can access your documentation. All HTML pages are cross indexed and linked. This means that with one click you can go from looking at Table documentation to looking at a dependent Stored Procedure. Finding all the dependent object has never been so easy.

WEB Hosting site that support Microsoft SQL Server, you can add online documentation as part of your system with one simple and in-expensive purchase. Just schedule the Schema Extraction process to run nightly and they will alway have up-to-date documentation.

SQL Scribe Feature

AGS Subforms ActiveX Control

Load any VB SDI form into its container window.

The AGS Subform can be housed by any of the VB containers, which allows you to place it on a MDI main form. IF the loaded form is larger than the AGS Subform component then scrollbars will automatically appear to allow navigation of the loaded form. Two sets of borders allow you to change the thickness and type of borders from none to thing and 3D. Now you can add MS Access Subforms like screens to your visual basic programs. Used in conjunction with your toolbars control to create outlook like screens.

AGS SQL Server Utilities

A package of Functions and Stored Procedures for Microsoft SQL Server.

Written using SQL CLR these functions have only been seen before using complex TSQL or Extended Properties. These functions are brilliantly quick and simple to use. Please see the list of functions below.

AGS SQL Server Utilities: String Functions

AGS SQL Server Utilities Compression

License Details: With you purchase of AGS SQL Server Utilities you get unlimited support calls (via email) and ONE YEAR free unlimited upgrades. So no matter how often or what we upgrade in AGS SQL Server 2005 Utilites you will get it for ONE YEAR free.

Gecko Ware Crosstab Builder for Microsoft SQL Server

Extending SQL Server abilities.

This extended stored procedure will generate crosstab results from standard SQL statements. You now do not have to run OLAP services to generate what Microsoft Access has been able to do for years. See the Online instructions for an example of what xp_ags_crosstab can do

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AGS SQL Server Utilities

AGS Columnby 90 Extended stored procedure for MS SQL

Gecko Ware Crosstab Builder - Microsoft SQL Server

Web Site Review analysis

AGS SQL Server Utilities Compression

AGS SQL Server Utilities: String Functions

SQL Scribe Feature

SQL Data Assistant Features

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