Log backups, the ability to read online logs. ApexSQL log

Download ApexSQL Log: Audit SQL Server - Backups: Ability to Read Online Logs

ApexSQL: Audit SQL Server passively, without triggers. Recover Lost Data and Objects

Since ApexSQL Log reads the transaction log, no database overhead or the use of database triggers is required, and audits can be done on changes made even before the tool was installed.

ApexSQL Log has the ability to read online logs, detached logs and log backups. It allows users to recover dropped/truncated tables, tracks individual row history, and can generate UNDO and REDO scripts on the fly. Log also features powerful filtering abilities to help users locate and isolate specific transactions quickly and easily.

ApexSQL Log includes Command Line Interface

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ApexSQL Log - Features

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Log backups, the ability to read online logs. ApexSQL Log: A powerful SQL data auditing tool, analyzes SQL Server Transaction

ApexSQL Log Features

ApexSQL Log Command Line Interface

ApexSQL Log: Recover Lost Data and Objects

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ApexSQL; Ability to Read Online Logs - ApexSQL Log Backups