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ArcSoft Collage Creator

is an easy-to-use, fun program that lets you stack images upon images in a variety of fashions to create great-looking collages that would take forever to make by hand. Cool effects, crop templates and enhancement options let you modify each photo in a unique way. Combine photos with text and clip art to make collages stand out even more. You can even add your own doodles and make words from letters that look like magazine cutouts!

Arc-Soft DVD Slide Show

offers the easiest, most complete way for you to create professional-looking DVD movies from your home videos, photos, and existing slide show presentations. With a step-by-step design, you can quickly arrange your own menu layouts, assemble fully customized photo slide shows, and burn your final project as a DVD or VCD. Share your memories on the big screen like never before.

Arc Soft Fun House

is the perfect photo blending for creative, fun digital images. Combine seamlessly two or more photos to create funny or realistic scenes. Make yourself a star quarterback or an arena rock star. Put friends and family members on $100 bills, or swap all of their heads and bodies. Funhouse walks you through adding your personal photos into built-in or custom templates to print, email, and share these digital imaging creations. Add captions, titles, quotes full text editing lets you include colorful taglines and descriptions.

Greeting Card Creator

is the perfect program for people who'd like to make and share personalized cards for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasion. The program includes tons to creative card designs and clip art to get you started. Your cards can be emailed directly to the recipient or printed and folded in a variety of ways and mailed to friends and family anywhere.

Media Card Companion

The tedious tasks associated with downloading and sharing photos from digital cameras, card readers, and other removable media is all taken care of with Media Card Companion. Once your media is inserted/connected, the program automatically launches and lets you preview, rename, transfer, print, and email all or selected images in one shot. Your photos can also be used to create a personalized screen saver. Everything is done automatically Media Card Creator eliminates the grunt work and saves you more time to enjoy your pictures.


Select your files, click a button, and the files are automatically converted into optimal formats and transferred to your device. Arc-Soft Media-Converter is a fast, easy-to-use application that converts photo, video, and music files into formats optimized for use on your portable device. With its simple 2-step process, you can convert media with unmatched speed and quality to play in your MP4 player, iPod, PSP or other portable media players. To save more time, you can even convert multiple files in batches regardless of their original formats, and for driverless installation, Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)* is supported.

Panorama Maker

is for professional quality photostitching - turning any series of overlapping photos into a gorgeous panoramic image quickly and easily. Panorama Maker Pro provides extensive RAW format support, so you can be sure it will work seamlessly with your latest digital camera. What's more Panorama Maker Pro includes the fine-tuning options that professionals need. Adjust and edit the resulting image, including altering stitching point, stitching paths, brightness, contrast, and more.

Erstellen Sie mit Arc-Soft Panorama Maker 5 Pro perfekte Panoramabilder aus Fotos und Videos. Werkzeuge für die Medienverwaltung und die Fotobearbeitung stehen zur Verfügung, damit Sie die Ursprungsmedien organisieren und Ihrer Arbeit den letzten Schliff geben können.

Photo Base

is your complete multimedia manager. In addition to helping you categorize and backup all of your files, this slick-looking program also helps create fun presentations and organized Web albums. Whether you're a beginner who's looking for an easy way to sort your vacation photos and videos, or an experienced hobbyist who needs a powerful program to help you manage your growing file collections, look no further. Thought ArcSoft Photo-Base was cool before? You ain't seen nothin" yet!

Photo Impression

An all-inclusive application ideal for novice and more advanced users alike. It combines photo editing with creative enhancement and sharing tools that maximize your digital media experience. With all the photos, video and music files on your computer, wouldn't you like software that can actually simplify things? Arc-Soft Photo-Impression Gold not only manages your media for you, but also gives you tons of fun and exciting ways to enjoy it. Arc-Soft Photo-Impression - not only manages your media for you, but also gives you tons of fun and exciting ways to enjoy it.

Photo Montage VE

gives you one of the most creative ways to share your photo and video collections. You've seen it before on movie posters and calendars--larger photos that are actually made up of hundreds or thousands of smaller "micro-images." That's the concept here, except now you can extract individual frames from your videos and use them to create your final montage!

Photo Studio

is a powerful photo editing application featuring an array of advanced tools, filters and special effects inside a very friendly user interface. Beginners will appreciate the straight-forward design, while advanced users will love the performance and control. The program includes everything one needs to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with digital photos.

ArcSofts weltbekannte, preisgünstige Anwendung zur Fotobearbeitung, PhotoStudio, besitzt jetzt noch mehr erweiterte Funktionen. ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 ist ein fortgeschrittenes Bildbearbeitungsprogramm mit neuen Features, die Ihnen dabei helfen, Ihre digitalen Fotos zu verbessern, zu verwalten und kreativ zu gestalten. Photo-Studio 6 bietet Ihnen intelligente und gleichzeitig einfach anzuwendende Tools wie z. B. Face Beautify, Magic-Cut und Magic-Film sowie Bearbeitungswerkzeuge, an denen Sie bereits in früheren Versionen von Photo-Studio Gefallen gefunden haben.

Photo Studio X

is your complete photo editing program for the home and office. Tons of special effects and enhancements to improve your photos like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and more. Fix problems like red-eye, tone and sharpness. Or, apply special effects like sketch, ripple, oil painting and much more. Work with multiple layers to create stunning and dynamic images
Customizable graphical user interface - You can optimize your workspace by customizing (showing, hiding, resizing and repositioning) your desktop components, and access most commonly used menu commands and tools right from your desktop.

Album Palette - A powerful image organizer Access multiple images at once. Create custom photo albums to display, sort, and search images.

Multiple undo/redo feature Correcting errors has never been so easy! Multiple undo/redo commands allow you to experiment with tools, enhancements and effects without worry.

Arc-Soft Photo-Printer

Print multiple photos on a single page and multiple pages at one time. Edit and enhance your photos, too. If you're searching for a do-it-yourself photo printing application that's fast, simple and gives you outstanding results every time, look no further...Arc-Soft Photo-Printer is here. In just a couple of clicks you can turn your favorite digital snapshots into gorgeous color photos ready for framing, scrapbooking, or sending to family and friends.

Quick DVD

offers you the absolute easiest way to make your own DVD movies. Forget about all the complicated procedures typically associated with digital video if you can use a remote control, you can put your home movies on DVD. It's really that simple. Attention couch potatoes--DVD is in your hands.

Show Biz DVD

Whether you're experienced with DVD movie making or just looking for the perfect complement to your brand new digital camera, this easy-to-use program has everything you need to capture your home movies and create your own DVDs to share with friends or send to customers. Includes tools for editing your video footage, customizing DVD menus, and designing DVD photo slideshows!


Scan a large-format page in multiple sections then stitch it back together as a perfect digital copy of the paper original. Most of today's consumer-level flatbed scanners are designed to scan A4 and letter-size paper -- bigger sizes just can't be done. But with Arc-Soft Scan-n-Stitch and ArcSoft Scan-n-Stitch Deluxe, users can finally digitize bigger items such as legal documents, scrapbook pages, artwork, newspapers, magazine spreads and more. Best of all, the results are totally seamless.


Turn any PC into the ultimate home entertainment center. Record TV and burn to disc, play DVDs, print photos, run slideshows, rip music CDs and more! Two new modules, Net-Share and To-GO, allow you to share your multimedia files and transfer them onto your portable device. Arc-Soft Total-Media 3 is a media hub that combines TV, video recording, photo editing, and media conversion in one easy-to-use program! You can watch and record TV shows (requires a compatible TV tuner card), edit photos or video, listen to music, rip CDs to MP3 and much more. It's everything you need packed in one versatile and easy-to-use application!

ArcSoft Total-Media 3.5 ist ein Medien-Hub, das Fernsehen, Videoaufnahme, Fotobearbeitung und Medienkonvertierung in einem einfach anzuwendenden Programm vereint! Sie können sich Fernsehsendungen anschauen und sie aufnehmen (dafür benötigen Sie eine kompatible TV-Tunerkarte), Fotos oder Videos bearbeiten, Musik anhören, CDs nach MP3 kopieren und vieles mehr. Das Programm bietet alles, was Sie brauchen, in einer vielseitigen und einfach verständlichen Anwendung!

Showbiz Special - Show-biz-DVD

makes it possible for you to design and create your own DVD home movies. Video tapes are big and cumbersome, not to mention they wear and lose quality after time. Now you can customize your own DVDs and watch your memories forever without having to worry about fading tapes and fuzzy video. And fear not--you don't need to be a computer whiz to do it! Show-Biz DVD - The simplest way to create dazzling DVDs. It's movie making made for everyone!

Arc-Soft ShowBiz DVD 2 ist eine einfache, aber gleichzeitig leistungsfähige Softwareanwendung, die Ihnen alles bietet, was Sie zum Bearbeiten Ihrer eigenen Videos und zum Erstellen professionell aussehender DVDs benötigen. Die Software bietet eine einfache Story-board-Ansicht zum groben Anordnen von Videosequenzen und eine erweiterte Zeitachse, die Ihnen eine noch bessere Kontrolle über Filmclips, Audiospuren und Übergangseffekte ermöglicht. Darüber hinaus besitzt das Programm einen leistungsfähigen Assistenten zur Erstellung von Diashows und einen vollständigen Satz von Werkzeugen für die DVD-Erstellung. Sie können so aus Ihren Videos großartig aussehende DVDs machen, die Sie auf dem Fernseher genießen können.

Video Impression

is your ticket to cool home movies and slide shows. You don't need to be a computer whiz to put together awesome videos anymore. If you know how to drag-and-drop with your mouse, you're all set! In no time you can combine still images, video clips, audio tracks, text, and special effects into you very own movie. Make a VCD and play your movie on your DVD player!

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