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Auto Play Media Studio Deluxe Suite

Do you want to create interactive multimedia applications in just a few hours? Confused by complicated authoring tools? Even absolute beginners can quickly achieve impressive results with AutoPlay Media Studio. But don't be fooled by its intuitive workflow and drag-and-drop objects - this is a serious software development tool. It's used by over ten thousand people to create everything from AutoRun/AutoPlay menu to CD business cards to fully interactive training applications. Your imagination is your only limit!

AutoPlay Media Studio comes with dozens of impressive new features, a redesigned workspace and an incredibly powerful script engine that's easy to use yet capable of handling just about anything you can dream up. Paired with a new content gallery containing hundreds of images and sounds, more high-level actions, new objects and vastly improved audio handling, AutoPlay Media Studio is more than just a run-of-the-mill upgrade. In fact, it's a revolution in RAD multimedia/application authoring tools. Auto-Run Menus, CD Business Cards, Computer Based Training, Application Development, Demos, Walkthroughs, Presentations, Testing, Utilities, Applets, Custom Web Browsers, Marketing Promos, Catalogs, Resumes and just about any other multimedia task you can dream up. Don't be held back by your choice of tools - if you can dream it, you can do it with AutoPlay Media Studio.

Indigo Rose provides software developers with tools to manage the complete software deployment life cycle. From multimedia application and CD-ROM front-end creation using AutoPlay Media Studio to automated Internet-based software installation, updating and patching with Setup Factory, TrueUpdate and Visual Patch, Indigo Rose offers an array of easy to use solutions.

Setup Factory

Used to create professional software installers that are faster, smaller and more powerful than ever before. Setup Factory is the choice of thousands of software developers because it is easy to use, reliable and extremely flexible. Compare Setup Factory to any other installation builder and see for yourself why it's so popular. There's just no beating it!

Setup Factory is the most important release in years. Installers created with Setup Factory are faster, smaller and more reliable than ever before. They're also fully compatible with all versions of Windows (including the new "Service Pack 2" you've heard so much about). We've included 20+ screen types, 20+ customizable project themes ("skins"), complete multilingual support, an enhanced Project Wizard, MD5 serial number validation, system requirements checking, an improved dependency module system, spell checking, HTML reports, a 100% silent install mode, a Visual Basic project scanner, support for unattended builds, a 320 page user's guide (PDF) and lots more.

Setup Factory also features a robust new scripting language with over 250 powerful actions. It's the ultimate in flexibility for handling any installer task you can imagine. You can execute programs, call DLL functions, make registry changes, edit text files, query drive information, manipulate strings, copy files, enumerate processes, start and stop services, interact with web scripts, display dialog boxes and much more. The language also supports conditions, loops, arrays, functions and everything else you'd expect, including color syntax highlighting and context sensitive help.

Setup Factory features an unbeatable development environment that puts you in control of your files. Simply drag and drop your files and folders onto the project window and you're ready to build. Setup Factory is smart enough to maintain your folder structure, automatically query version resource information, create shortcut icons and ensure 100% data integrity with reliable CRC-32 checking. Of course, everything can be customized and overridden if you wish, but for most projects the improved Project Wizard can handle it all with just a few clicks.

Visual Patch

A fast and efficient system for creating software patches. This unique solution features state-of-the-art binary differencing and compression algorithms, combined with a powerful full-history patching engine. Visual Patch makes an excellent addition to the toolbox of any software developer or IT manager.

In Visual Patch, we've improved the development environment to streamline your workflow and have introduced unprecedented flexibility with a brand-new scripting engine and action library. We've also added a customizable screen manager, project themes (skins), action plugins, MD5 security, and many other powerful and timesaving features.

You'll find that Visual Patch V 2 simplifies software version management. It turns the otherwise complicated task of managing point-releases into a fast and automated process. There is no easier way to make professional-quality, full-history binary patches for your software and other electronic content.

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