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Clicks Counter Pro

Offers the most powerful clicks tracking available on the Web. It can track hits using tracking code or tracking link upon your choice. It's indispensable for compiling statistic reports to find out which of your site links are the most and the least effective. Statistic includes separate page or page categories views, unique visitors, referrers and many more, with no software to buy or install.

You could get the statistic on any time range. Script is perfect for tracking downloads or any documents views. Password protected admin web interface shows you statistics reports and allows you to manage, modify or delete your links, domains and categories. The CCP delivers the information you need to run a successful Web site in a way that you can understand.

Here is just the short list of CCP features:

In addition to the hits statistic, Clicks Counter Pro can be used for:

We guarantee that you will get full and detailed instructions on solving any problem with product installation, configuration and utilization. We will be also pleased to offer professional installation of the Clicks Counter Pro. If you have any special site attendance statistic management needs which are not provided by the Clicks Counter Pro you can always contact us for customization request.

Form Maker Pro

You can easily create web forms of any complexity and in any language from the scratch. It includes a visual tool that generates any forms you like, and a form processor, which makes your web forms working in a few seconds.

Contact forms, order forms, feedback forms, forms with calculations, simple shopping carts, online polls, online forms with attachments, dependency forms, multiple pages forms - this is just a short list of what you can create with Form Maker Pro without any programming needed. In addition your web forms can be featured with auto responder, forms data can be sent to any amount of email as a common CC or BCC copy, stored to CSV file or to the MySQL database. Both HTML and text email format is available. Check it now!

Form Processor Pro

The script available in PHP, Perl and ASP versions, that can be used to process any forms on your web site. All three versions are provided within one license and you are free to choose which one best suits your web server. The general use of this script is feedback forms but it can be used in a huge variety of other ways.

Here are just a few features of this great product:

The Form Processor Pro script is perfect for handling:

We guarantee that you will get full and detailed instructions on solving any problem with product installation, configuration and utilization. If you have any special form processing needs, which are not provided by the Form Processor Pro, you can always contact us for customization request.

ROI Tracking Pro

The Return On Investment Tracking Pro will simply, and affordably assist you in finding out whether your advertising campaigns brings you paying customers or just happening in visitors. ROI Tracking Pro offers real-time reporting that brings each of your advertising to conformity with the campaign origin, containing unlimited number of actions. You can now track any advertising campaigns, from typical Pay Per Click to banner campaigns or paid listing in web archives. Keyword tracking is also available. All campaign actions are divided into two types - purchases, actions that bring you direct income - like ordering a product for example, and intermediate actions like filling out the questionnaire, visiting your product demo page or sending you an information request. Finally you will be able to find out what makes your site visitors convert into clients - no more waste of time, effort, and money. With ROI Tracking Pro every spent dollar will dramatically increase your profitability, longevity, and marketing punch.

The list of features of the ROI Tracking Pro:

We guarantee that you will get full and detailed instructions on solving any problem with product installation, configuration and utilization.

Web Calendar Pro

A personal and group event calendaring system with scheduling and many more powerful features. Web Calendar Pro has easy yet powerful interface, allowing you to create unlimited number of new calendars/sub-calendars, apply unique settings to each.

You can handle a big public schedule for publishing events on your site, managing calendar(s) users, subscribers, and their rights. Supports multiple languages, recurring events, email notifications, importance labels, highlights and many more features! Check it now!

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