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"Spy software for remote computer monitoring through LAN in real time or recording all Internet, email, chat and other activity on your PC. Monitor your employees or students on network computers remotely. Monitor your child on local home PC with our spy software for parental control. Get full computer usage statistics. Software, which runs invisible and records everything users do on their computers."

Soft-Activity Keylogger (Activity Logger)

Spy Software for Parental Control - Choice #1 for Home PC!

Are you sure your children don't use your computer to surf illegal sites when you are away?
Are you sure your employees continue working when you leave the office?
Are you sure they don't start downloading music and porn instantly after you're out?
If not - Soft-Activity Keylogger can help!

Computer monitoring software that runs invisible and records how your employee, child or spouse uses computer.

This is a superb spying engine that runs in the background and secretly records URLs visited in browser, keystrokes in any program, chat conversations, received and sent email.

Soft-Activity Keylogger works invisibly so people continue doing what they normally do when they are sure you can't trace them. But now you can. Soft-Activity Keylogger can even capture screenshots of the desktop at a preset period of time.

All recorded information is stored in an encrypted log file. You may enable Soft-Activity Keylogger to send the reports to your email address every few hours.

Advanced options are available to view and analyze data in convenient formats for better understanding of user activities on your computer. You can view a log file in tabs that show separately used programs, Internet history, emails, chats and other activity. You can view screenshots one by one or play them as a slide show easily.

Soft-Activity Keylogger is a superb spyware solution for the effective parental control. Protect your children from online threads. Know exactly what they do online.

You must be the owner or authorized user of the computer to install Soft-Activity Keylogger. You must login to Windows as a user who is a member of Administrators group to install it. This software cannot be installed remotely without physical access to the computer
It is recommended to create separate standard (non-Administrator) accounts in Windows for your monitored children/users.

Activity Monitor

Remote Computer Monitoring Software - Choice #1 for Business!

Monitor all computers in LAN remotely from a single administrator's PC

Keep an eye on your employees or students. Do they play games or surf Internet during the work time? What do they write in email or chat?

This computer spy software is for real time monitoring and continuous tracking of users" activities on network connected computers. View remotely in real time screens of the remote computers, typed keystrokes, visited Internet sites history, used applications, record all activity to the log file and do much more with this powerful and easy to use program.

Combine log files from different computers and export to HTML or MS Excel for advanced analysis. Have full computer usage statistics.

Install it remotely!

Deep Log Analyzer

Web Analytics Software.

Analyze web site visitors" behavior and get complete web site usage statistics. It features hierarchical reports presentation with interactive navigation, convenient charts and open database format.

View how statistics change over time, compare reports for different time intervals, dig deeper into your site data with the unique hierarchical reports and reveal hidden patterns in your site stats.

Get reports about accessed site resources, visitors" activity, referral sites, search engines and keywords, browsers and OS, search spiders, server errors and more.

Create your own custom reports, access database in other applications.

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