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About Digi-Watcher

Video surveillance has never become so easy with our two security software: Watcher and Remote-View. They provide a complete software solution for office or home security, remote video surveillance and broadcasting.


Cool Webcam Security Features and more!

Watcher is an intelligent webcam software. It monitors your home or office 24 hours a day, captures motion event using web-cam, saves into compressed video clips with audio and triggers various alerts including ftp upload, email or phone. It also has camera image broadcasting capability, which can publish your webcam on a remote website or Watcher's embedded web server. Watcher can run in stealth mode, it can also be scheduled, or run as an NT service.

Surveillance Features

Why do you need such a home (office) video surveillance system?

The answer is simple. Such a tool gives you peace of mind. It has almost all webcam security features. And with the addition of remote streaming and video broadcast capabilities, many scenarios can be accomplished, here are two possible scenarios:

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Webcam Video surveillance has never become so easy with our two security software. Watcher + Remote-View? Digi Watcher: Broadcast Monitoring Solution

About Digi-Watcher

Free download Digi-Watcher: Broadcast Solution Webcam

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