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Diskeeper Small Business download

Includes; 5 Professional Editions licenses, 1 Server Standard Edition license and 1 Administrator Edition license. Everything you need to handle fragmentation at your small business!

Diskeeper Professional

Vital peak performance management for every workstation on your network. Automatically prevents throughput bottlenecks due to fragmentation with "Set It and Forget It" ease. Quickly defragment up to 4 logical drives of up to 512 GB each in size simultaneously.

Diskeeper Server Standard

Streamlined from the ground up to focus on fast and efficient defragmentation with the least amount of system resources. This edition can simultaneously defragment up to 8 drive partitions of up to 768 GB or less.

Diskeeper Administrator download

Monitors and manages Diskeeper installation, configuration and status across your entire network. Diskeeper Administrator Edition does not defragment any drives/systems independently, you require Diskeeper Professional.
Finally, a management tool so well thought out, it actually defines what centralised administration is all about. Install, schedule and manage Diskeeper remotely-on any size network. Get key reports and critical alerts on low disk space and corrupt file issues. Easily deploy software remotely-its all here, and more!

The Standard in Automatic Disk Defragmentation for Windows

Diskeeper Administrator Edition is a first-ever tool of its kind, providing controls and views of a network that have never before been available.

Busy system administrators can manage Diskeeper on any number of machines, from a few to a few thousand. Diskeeper Administrator Edition can deploy, schedule and generate reports including email alerts for low free space and disk problems on every system that has Diskeeper installed. Administrator can be installed on either workstations or servers whatever machine the system administrator uses.

System Requirements

Diskeeper Administrator Edition runs on any Windows system.

Diskeeper Home/Professional download

Diskeeper Professional Edition will defragment up to 4 drives of up to 512 GB simultaneously.

Download Defragmentation for Windows

Unlock the Full Performance of Your Windows Systems with Diskeeper.

Automatic defragmentation is the only workable solution for keeping fragmentation eliminated and performance at peak. Diskeeper Professional Edition is fast, easy to use and very flexible. Used with Diskeeper Administrator (separately purchased), you can remotely schedule and manage defragmentation and receive reports and alerts from every desktop Diskeeper Professional is installed on.

Diskeeper Professional Edition runs on all editions of Windows, Workstation professional.

Diskeeper Server Enterprise download

Optimum speed and stability for your servers With files being constantly created, modified and deleted, disk fragmentation on your servers builds up with alarming rapidity-so quickly, in fact, that it can begin to impact server performance within a matter of hours. Keeping your servers defragmented with a manual or single-pass solution would require taking down the server on a frequent basis to perform a lengthy maintenance procedure. That's why most file servers wind up never getting defragmented at all, a situation that leads to slower response times, longer backups and virus scans, and catastrophic crashes and freeze-ups.

Now there's a way to stop server fragmentation in its tracks with no downtime: Diskeeper Server Editions. Diskeeper isn't just a defragmenter with a scheduling function-it's a purpose-built "Set It and Forget It" defragmenter designed to run undetectably in the background, maximising server speed and reliability.

Diskeeper Server Enterprise Edition runs on Windows Media Center, Pro, Server, Advanced Server/w-Server Appliance Kit, Server web Standard/Server Enterprise/w-Server Appliance Kit.

Diskeeper Server Standard download

The fastest and most recommended automatic defragmenter ever built. Install Diskeeper and never worry about fragmentation related performance issues ever again!

Undelete Small Business download

Undelete Professional protects locally-stored files and allows files to be recovered from Undelete Server recovery bins.

Undelete Home download

Provides comprehensive protection of locally-stored files. Now with Version Protection for Microsoft Office files!

Instant file recovery and data protection

Undelete replaces the Windows recycle bin with a catch-all Recovery Bin that intercepts all deleted files, no matter how they were deleted. Lost file? No problem! Use the Recovery Bin's Windows Explorer-like interface to navigate to the file, or take advantage of Undelete's powerful search capabilities. Right-click the file, select Recover, and the file is back. New Version Recovery can even restore overwritten versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) files.

Undelete Home Edition runs on Windows.

Undelete Professional download

Protects locally-stored files and allows files to be recovered from Undelete Server recovery bins. Now with Version Protection for Microsoft Office files!

Undelete Professional provides Recovery Bin protection for files on workstations and laptops. Even if your users store most of their files on the server, there's always some data on the local machines, such as files stored on the desktop or files on roaming laptops. Undelete safeguards that data and allows instant recovery
Administrators can even connect to Recovery Bins on those machines to browse and recover deleted files remotely. Undelete Professional Edition also provides full client functionality, allowing users to recover their own files from Server recovery bins.

Undelete Professional Edition runs on Windows.

Undelete Server License download

Protects server files, including files deleted by network clients.

The Windows Server recycle bin doesn't protect files deleted by network clients. Traditionally, the only way to recover a file has been from backup, a time-consuming chore that can only restore the file as (and if) it existed at the time of backup-if it works at all.

Undelete Server Edition provides real-time data protection that allows files to be recovered instantly in the same state they were at the time they were deleted.

Recovery can even restore overwritten versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) files.

Undelete Server Edition runs on Windows.

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