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Globalissa Community News RSS download

CN RSS is a leading web solution for publishing news, reports and other data on your own website.

This software enables you to publish your own or customer contributed news. This content is viewable with any web browser AND with an RSS reader. The content is exported to plain html pages, customizable java-script headline snippets and breakthru RSS feeds.

CN RSS uses RSS breakthru technology. You can harness this to help create or grow your own local community. We included tools so that your readers can carry your headline feed. Actually, they can carry one feed, or all of your feeds! This software automatically creates a headline feed for each authorized category/topic. A category may be a geographical area, a magazine topic list or whatever suits your website best. CN RSS has a brandable interface - make it look like your own. Open source PHP language code used throughout. Custom mods are available for an additional fee.

Did we mention you can have all the exposure of a regular html page PLUS offer an RSS signal to those who want it, plus offer headline feeds? This is all automated with a few mouse clicks. In version 3.x one image may be included.

Every license comes with the tools you need to publish news & reports on your own website. Installed and tested. All you do is add news - or let your customers do that - it's your choice.

php Yellow Pro Edition

Easily create web yellow pages or your own web business directory. PHP and MySQL powered!


Site owners, web developers, amateurs, programmers and others use phpYellow Pro EditionTM software to build their own online business directory or web yellow pages.

phpYellow Pro EditionTM is used for niche market listings, ethnic communities, local business lists, global directories, general yellow pages, membership lists, business locator, church or non-profit directory, state directory, industry profiles, dealer locator, virtual member directory and more. You can put your own directory online quickly and easily using phpYellow Pro EditionTM - and optionally profit from paid listings.

A mixture of user friendly point and click front end, powerfully intelligent search capabilities and suitability for customization are what makes phpYellow the industry's leading Business Directory Software.

Join the already hundreds that have chosen a phpYellow online directory solution!


keeps hackers and spammers out of your webpages.

Who is Ban-IP suited for?

BanIP is good for webmasters who have little or no programming experience. Any webmaster can run BanIP software on their websites.

What is the difference between Ban-IP TM and freeware ip ban scripts?

We take the guesswork out of choosing a freeware script and we install and support our solution.

What are the key advantages of buying Ban-IP?

This is a one stop solution to keeping hackers and spammers out of your websites. We take the guess work out of banning IP addresses. Our solution is a completely standalone application which we install and you manage through a point and click interface. Support is available if you need it. Complete documentation is included with every purchase. Any webmaster can use Ban-IP software to keep hackers and spammers out of their websites.

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