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product family is a set of file editing tools for Windows with advanced binary editing capabilities. Basic features include data editing, exchanging data with other applications through the Clipboard, inserting new data and deleting existing data, and others.

Accurate Network Monitor

The HHD Software Accurate Network Monitor is a monitoring application, which allows you to view, log and analyze your network traffic.

Serial Monitor

is a monitoring application, which allows you to view, log and analyze serial port activities.

The program attaches itself to the serial port driver under Windows and monitors all activity that any software performs via serial ports. The Protocol Analyzer feature allows you to monitor the serial protocol between two different serial devices, connected by null-modem cables to your computer. The Serial Monitor can also be configured to log the entire monitoring session. You can playback the session at a later time, having full control on its flow.

USB Monitor

HHD Software is an invaluable tool for all developers and engineers, who design, create and connect to PC a whole range of equipment with universal serial bus on board. This tool captures all the USB Request Blocks (URBs) transferred from the device driver to the host controller and back.

Serial Port Monitoring Control (SPMC)

library provides the monitoring functionality for your code.

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