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DRS 2006 Auto Device Control
-"- Professional Package
-"- Standard Package.
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DRS Auto-Device Control
-"- Prof.
-"- Std.

DRS Systemtechnik: DRS

How about a few more of the thousands of DRSers!

The DRS Software Packages are complete radio automation software packages. Internet webcasting like shoutcast or windows media, on air broadcasting, cable or satellite. Stream with mp3, mp3pro, aac+ or wma. Get your radio station online and webcast today! The software packages include a Audio Manager, Music Scheduler, Virtual Cart Machine, On Air Radio Studio, Webcasting Kit, Syndication Manager, News Manager, Commercial Manager, Internet Broadcaster for webcasting and many more modules and plugins.

Get the full variety of mixing and making professional radio programs like big stations do. But DRS was not only made for radio stations. It is also useful for dance clubs, mobile DJ's, bars and restaurants. Even users at home from around the world enjoy this software. Simply pure power.

This is the way radio automation should be. Download your radio today now! DRS also offers a professional worldwide acting stream hosting service with lots of free services like a customer webinterface to configure your servers and a free listener stats software.

Can over 5000 radio stations worldwide go wrong ???
... and many more of the coolest stations, companies and home users on earth ...

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Can thousands radio stations worldwide go wrong? DRS Systemtechnik complete automation for radio stations. Free download: DRS Systemtechnik

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DRS Systemtechnik: Complete Radio Automation Packages - Download DRS Systemtechnik Software