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FREE DOWNLOAD Headlight Software

Head-Light free downloads Award-winning GetRight download manager...

HeadLight freie downloads Get-Right, Desktop Armor, Geek Superhero, GetRight Pro, Lightning Download, Secure-Cursor, Where'd My Space Go...

GetRight with 1 Year Free Upgrades - Award-winning GetRight download manager software for Windows. For faster download speeds, automated downloads, and more.

Helicon Tech

FREE DOWNLOAD Helicon Tech Software
Helicon-Tech Trials for URL rewriting and search engine optimization...

ISAPI Rewrite 2 Full

ISAPI Rewrite 3 - is Apache .htaccess mod_rewrite compatible URL rewriter for Microsoft IIS. It makes possible to move configurations from Apache to IIS and vice versa just by copying .htaccess files.

Helicon Ape (server license) - Apache emulator for IIS 7. Implements .htaccess configurations inside IIS. 35 total modules available.

Link-Freeze web-site license - IIS modules and ISAPI filters for URL rewriting and search engine optimization.

Home Plan

FREE DOWNLOAD Home Plan Software
Home Plan Trials for easy-to-use Cad software, Mailing programs...

Easy Mail
Easy Mail Plus

Home Plan Pro - Home Plan Software: the place to get easy-to-use Cad software, Mailing programs, and Math Squares educational software.

Easy Plan Pro

Math Squares
Math Squares w/CD

High Criteria

FREE DOWNLOAD High Criteria Software
High Criteria Trials - Capture sound being played...

Dictation Buddy

Personal Info Keeper

Total Recorder Standard
Total Recorder Professional Edition
Total Recorder Pro & AGC & SRA & Video Add-ons
Total Recorder Pro & Video Add-on
Total Recorder - universal sound recording program. Capture sound being played by other sound players, either from a file or from the Internet. Record conventional audio from CD's, microphone, line-in. Convert different sound formats to WAVE format.

Video Add-on

Hyperionics Technology

Hyper-Cam, Hyper-Snap, Hyperionics Technology...

Hyper-Cam 2
Hyper-Snap 6
HyperSnap-DX is the screen capture (screenshot, print screen) work-horse of everyone, the only program that can capture regular Windows screens (also from multi-monitor setups), DirectX, Direct3D and 3dfx Glide Games (Voodoo series cards) and even some video/DVD players.

Ivan Uskov's Software

FREE DOWNLOAD Ivan Uskov's software lab Software
Ivan Uskov Trials software products for video & sound processing...

iu-VCR, iuVCS, Tray-Capture...
Products for home video/sound processing.

Kayaz Music

is the sibling company of the award winning branding firm Tim Kenney Marketing. Kayaz produces music for the entertainment industry, clubs and dj's around the world.

Kayaz Music Soft for the entertainment industry, clubs and dj's...
Ares Galaxy Faster-Downloads Professional

Imesh Super-Downloads

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DRS Auto Device

download Centered Systems

Reallusion Software

Kaspersky Open Space Security - English

Kaspersky Enterprise Space Security - k-ess Deutsch

MDM: exciting and innovative

Mobile Master - The Cell Phone Tool

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