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Autorun MAX! [Home Edition]
Autorun MAX! [Home] with Mega Pack
Autorun MAX! [Business Edition]
Autorun MAX! [Business] with Mega Pack

Autorun MAX! 2.1 gibt Ihnen die Möglichkeit, professionell aussehende, beeindruckende CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Autorun-Menüs und andere interaktive Multimedia-Projekte und -Aufgaben leicht auf die Reihe zu kriegen. Und Sie müssen kein Software-Programmierer sein, um dies tun zu können. Mit seinem intuitiven Arbeitsbereich und seinen Drag-and-Drop-Objekten, ist das Programm schnell zu erlernen und einfach zu bedienen. Autorun MAX! erfordert überhaupt keine Programmierkenntnisse!

Indigo Rose - The Company

"There's much more to great software than just great code. Behind every great software package in existence you will find an entire team of talented individuals with a cohesive vision and a collective dedication to an ideal. Our core vision has remained unchanged since our inception, and that is to develop dependable, professional software tools and after-sales support services which provide ongoing value to our clients.

Who are we?

Located in the historic Exchange District of Winnipeg, Canada, the Indigo Rose Corporation has been developing innovative software development tools for a worldwide client base since 1991. We are a privately held Canadian corporation with a global focus. Our products are in use by thousands of corporate, government and ISV developers who use our runtimes to reach millions of users worldwide. Our dedicated staff is committed to producing innovative tools to help accelerate and further the business goals of our clients.

Award Winning Products

Indigo Rose Corporation is a leading provider of software development tools used to facilitate Windows based software installation, patching, updating and deployment. Our products AutoPlay Media Studio, Setup Factory Visual Patch, and Indigo Rose Software are recognized leaders in the software development tools industry. They are the recipients of numerous awards, including the Java Developer's Journal World Class Award, Internet Eye Editor's Choice, Simply the BestGold Award and the Indezine Magazine 5 Star rating. Additionally, all of our products contain extensive multilingual localization features, a fact recognized and applauded by our global developer base.

Our Future

With brand new product releases all the time our teams are rapidly expanding to meet the needs of our growing client base and extend our products into new markets. Our current focus is on developing and implementing strategies which increase the value of both our products and our client relationships, and includes several active initiatives which are augmenting our reseller, OEM, and wholesale distributor relationships.

Product Distribution

All Indigo Rose products are available to customers directly here on our site via telphone, fax and Internet, or additionally through our network of global resellers and VARs. By partnering with key vendors in strategic software markets, we've been able to provide the high quality sales and service experience that our customers have come to expect without sacrificing ubiquity.

Hassle-Free Licensing

We believe in making things as easy as possible. This includes our license agreement - all of our products are licensed on a per-developer basis and include a royalty-free runtime distribution license. This no-nonsense approach frees you from accounting complexities and runtime fees. Simply purchase a development license for each person using the product and get a royalty-free runtime license included at no extra charge.

Advertising and Promotion

Indigo Rose Corporation continually strives to promote our products in a conscientious and effective manner. Our print advertising campaigns have included full-page color and premium cover ads in Windows Developer's Journal, C/C++ User's Journal, Visual Basic Programmer's Journal, Visual Developer, Microsoft Visual Studio Resource Guide, Borland/Inprise Solution Partner Resource Guide, eMedia, and Macromedia Connections among others. Matched with our online advertising on Yahoo!, Google, MSN, AltaVista, GoTo, Excite, CNET and Inktomi, we always do our best to capture the attention of developers."

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