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Abracadabra is a multipurpose utility for viewing and editing text and graphic files.

Alteros 3D is a 3D/2D file viewer with customizable interface.

Icontoy - This is a small, simple and beautiful program for searching for icons in files.

Alteros Viewer is a 2D graphical file viewer with customizable interface.

Lighttek CD-ROM - All products of Light-Tek Software

Melody - The program allows one to play all files from one catalogue and to compose lists of songs from different catalogs.

Talisman Desktop replaces the standard Windows Desktop through the creation of a new interface of any complexity.

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Desktop manager and shell replacement software for Windows. Customized interface builder program for office, home, touchscreen computers. Programs for desktop management, shell replacement, 32bit icons, themes, skins, visual styles.

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Free download LightTek Software: Alteros viewer, IconToy or Talisman themes. Abra-Cadabra, Alteros 3D, Lighttek programs for desktop management

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Lighttek Alteros Viewer, Talisman Themes, IconToy desktop management - Download Light-Tek shell replacement