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Muvee autoProducer: the world's simplest video editing software. Make movies, capture raw videos to PCs, edit videos, add music to your videos, save your movie on CD, DVD, VCD and email format in 3 simple steps. Create your own DVD videos and movies from analog or digital video camcorders. Video editing has never been easier!

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muvee downloads - Erstellung von Heim-Videos und Dia-Shows...

muvee auto-Producer 5 (AS)


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Neowise Downloads free
Free Download NeoWise Trials - The tool explore and downloads all media files...

Express Thumbnail Creator
Express Web-Pictures

Instant Gallery Maker

Neo Downloader + Instant Gallery Maker (Full Version)

Robo-Task - Free Trials Download


Effective data recovery software for damaged, scratched or defective CD/DVD discs and Digital Media. It easily recovers unreadable, deleted or corrupted files. Free trial versions of CD data rescue, DVD data rescue and Multi data rescue.

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Nal-Tech Trials CD/DVD data rescue and Multi data-rescue...

DVD Data Rescue
CD Data Rescue

Opus Flow BV

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Opus Flow BV English - CRM compatible for Windows...

Webseite von Opus-Flow: "OpusFlow wurde 1999 gegründet und konzentriert sich zu 100% auf Outlook -basierte Lösungen. Wir bieten Standard Outlook -Produkte an, ebenso wie Outlook -Lösungen auf Wunsch des Kunden. Zur Zeit werden unsere Produkte in über 30 Ländern weltweit von kleinen und grossen Unternehmen sowie von regionalen Regierungen und Regierungen des Bundes genutzt."

Opus-Flow Website: "OpusFlow was founded in 1999 and focusses 100% on Outlook -based solutions. We offer standard Outlook-products as well as custom made Outlook -solutions. Currently our products are being used in over 30 countries worldwide by small and large businesses as well as local and federal governments."

Opus-Flow Software: Outlook & Exchange add-on products
GroupCalendar for Outlook per user license
Group-Calendar for Outlook (No User Count license)
GroupCalendar for Exchange (per server license)
Group-Calendar for Exchange (2 node cluster server license)

TeamContacts for Outlook (per user license)
Team-Contacts for Outlook (no user count restriction)

Disclaimer for Outlook (Corporate edition)
Disclaimer for Outlook (Enterprise edition)

CRM for Outlook (base license)
CRM for Outlook (PDA module)
CRM for Outlook (laptop module)
CRM for Outlook maintenance and support fee - per base license


Project-Wizards - services around project management and Merlin, the project management software for Mac OS X.

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Project-Wizards Trials, Projektmanagement-Software, Mac OS X, im Webbrowser und auf dem iPhone...

Merlin 2
Merlin 2 Upgrade

Merlin 2 Web-Sharing

Merlin 2 iPhone-Sharing

Merlin Server


Computer Drivers and Software Update Tool - Radar-Sync drivers and software update tools support a wide range of device drivers like software drivers, modem drivers, printer drivers to name just a few. Radar-Sync is compatible with major operating systems.

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Radar Sync downloads, the latest Driver Updates + Software Versions for your PC

Radar-Sync PC Updater (12 months subscription)
RadarSync 24 months subscription, PC Updater
Radar-Sync (Renewal)
Radar Sync Ad-free website viewing (One year ad-free
Radar-Sync PC Updater (12 months subscription)
-"- PC Updater (24 months subscription)
-"- PC Updater (Renewal)

RadarSync Device Driver Download - Full Version
Device Driver Download - Full Version
-"- Download - Plus

Radar-Sync Driver Alert Service - Two years subscription
Driver Alert Service - 12 months subscription

Premium Service


Research-Ware, Inc. is the publisher of Hyper-RESEARCH, a software package for qualitative data analysis. Available for both Mac OS and Windows. HyperRESEARCH is a solid code-and-retrieve data analysis program, with additional theory building features.

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Research-Ware Trials, a solid code-and-retrieve data analysis program...


Hyper RESEARCH Software for Qualitative Data Analysis



DSS dj is a professional mp3 beat-mixing software with precise automatic bpm counter, automatic one-click beat matching and synchronization, 2 decks with cue support, beat-aware loop, pitch, master tempo, 3 bands equalizer with kill functions, cut-off filter, dsp effects, compressor, limiter, AGC, eq faders, song preview, live recording, asio driver support.

MyXoft downloads automatic bpm counter, automatic one-click beat matching...


Online Shop: Software online kaufen oder bestellen - Deutsch

Project-Wizards - Deutsch

ProjectWizards leisten strategisches und operatives Projektmanagement und vertreiben die Projektmanagement Software Merlin für Mac OS X von Apple.

Merlin Deutsch
Merlin 2 Upgrade Deutsch

Merlin Web-Sharing Deutsch

Merlin iPhone-Sharing Deutsch

Merlin Server Deutsch

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