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SJ Namo Free-Motion English ESD Full

-"- Free-Motion English ESD Full
-"- Free Motion English ESD Upgrade.

Namo Free-Motion German ESD Full
-"- Free Motion German ESD Full
-"- Free-Motion German ESD Upgrade.

SJ Namo Web Canvas English ESD Full

Namo WebEditor is one of the most complete Web authoring applications ever created and quite possibly the only software you will need to create, edit, publish and manage your websites.
Easy and powerful eb site creation and More! - Intuitive Interface - Enjoyable site building and publishing - Extensive web component library - Distinctive page creation - Advanced source control
Namo Web-Editor Professional ESD Full, V 9.0

Namo Web Editor German ist eine der umfassendsten Web-Authoring-Anwendungen, die je geschaffen wurden und möglicherweise die einzige Software, die Sie zum Erstellen, Bearbeiten, Veröffentlichen und Verwalten Ihrer Websites brauchen.

Namo WebEditor French
-"- Upgrade

Namo Web-Editor Spanish ESD Full

SJ Hand-Story Media Suite for Pocket PC

SJ Hand Story Suite for Pocket PC
HandStory Suite 3.1 Upgrade for Pocket PC
SJ Hand-Story Suite for Palm
Hand Story Suite 3.1 Upgrade for Palm OS. Dext-Upload Pro

Namo Deep-Search (for Windows)

Media Suite 3.1 Upgrade from Suite 2.x
Media Suite 3.1 Upgrade from Suite 3.1.

Namo File-Lock ESD Full

-"- Cyber-Fence
-"- Flying-Poprcorn 7 Eng ESD Full.

Namo BackupManager

is an automatic online backup system that allows you to maintain backup versions of your files on a remote computer without any worry or constant supervision.
Namo Backup-Manager ist ein automatisches Online-Backup-System, dass Ihnen die Backup-Versionen Ihrer Dateien auf einem entfernten Rechner zu erhalten erlaubt, ohne Sorge oder ständiger Aufsicht.

Namo Web Editor Control

is an ActiveX control that enables Web application developers to offer rich document creation and uploading abilities to their site users, right in the browser.
Namo Web-Editor-Control 6 ist ein ActiveX-Steuerelement, das Web-Anwendungs-Entwicklern, Rich Dokument-Erstellung bieten, als aus das Hochladen der entspechenden Files, und so eine schnelle Änderung der Webseite direkt im Browser ermöglicht.


Creating interactive and dynamic visual presentations is no longer the complicated and daunting task it once was.
Erstellen von interaktiven und dynamischen visuellen Präsentationen ist nicht mehr die komplizierte und schwierige Aufgabe wie sie einmal war.

Namo Cyber-Fence

SJ Namo, Inc., is proud to announce the release of the new Namo CyberFence 3.0 adult content blocking & monitoring software. The new features in this version allow users to manage & observe all computer and Internet activities from any Internet connection, helping them address issues such as cyberbullying, online solicitation, adult video files and YouTube content, computer addiction, and game playing.

Namo Code-Editor

Namo CodeEditor is a full-featured utility for editing various types of code including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, C++, Java and PHP. It offers a well-organized user interface with editing windows, menus, toolbars, explorer panels and navigation tabs to help you edit code intuitively while taking advantage of CodeEditor's full array of features.


"With US headquarters in San Jose, California and its worldwide headquarters in Seoul, Korea. SJ Namo is a leading developer and global supplier of software solutions for the World Wide Web.

At SJ Namo, we believe the Internet is not just another communications medium. It's a whole world of possibilities that helps people do more with their lives. But people need effective tools to get the most out of this new world. We want to be your provider of choice for those tools.

The goal of our mobile business is specialized publishing for the mobile content market. Our strategy of combining global porting capability with global publishing is what distinguishes us from other domestic and international publishers. Substantial benefits are derived through cooperation with major partners in the domestic and international mobile content markets.

The internet was created by and for people, and people are our top priority. We promise to provide our customers with the best tools we know how to make (hopefully the best Internet tools there are). We promise to provide our shareholders with excellent return on investment and management they can trust. We promise to work together with our business partners to empower each of us to provide the best products and services possible. And we promise our employees the freedom to innovate and pursue their individual creative visions.

As one of the leading global developers of software and services for the Internet, SJ Namo strives to improve the online lives of people everywhere."

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